As more people are using the internet, the need for privacy, security, and anonymity is significantly increasing. Many websites use cookies to collect your information and provide personalized output. For example, if you are constantly searching and watching supernatural movies on Netflix, the platform collects the data that allows it to provide recommendations that you may like.

Subsequently, websites collect user information via tracking technologies like fingerprinting and cookies. Although the primary aim is to optimize user browsing experience, it significantly increases the chances of IP blocking. This is where antidetect browsers come into the equation.

Therefore, this guide will examine two powerful antidetect browsers- Adspower and Multilogin. We will focus on their differences and the significance of NetNut proxies for optimized performance.

Let us dive in!

What is an antidetect browserWhat is an antidetect browser

An antidetect browser is a type of web browser that hides your digital fingerprint. Subsequently, this makes it difficult for websites to gather identifying information about you. There are various data points that could be gathered to create your browser fingerprint. The data points include browser information, IP address, location data, software settings, and hardware data. 

Subsequently, the antidetect browser allows you to change these parameters so that websites cannot track you. They rely on technology like data spoofing and creating new digital fingerprints to provide more security and privacy for users. However, you may need to get the service of a reputable proxy provider to mask your IP address effectively. Aside from individual needs, antidetect browsers can be a useful resource for web scraping and web testing. In addition, it allows for managing multiple accounts, accessing restricted content, detecting fraud, and more. 

Introduction to AdsPower and Multilogin

Multilogin is a versatile and user-friendly tool designed to simplify the management of multiple online accounts across various platforms. Whether it’s social media accounts, email services, or business profiles, Multilogin enables users to access and interact with multiple accounts without the need for constant logging in and out. This not only saves time but also enhances productivity and convenience. 

AdsPower is one of the most popular and reliable antidetect browsers. It provides a secure environment for users to browse the internet without leaving digital footprints. Subsequently, a single click can manage numerous social media accounts with the AdsPower browser.

Applications of antidetect Browser

antidetect browsers can be applied in various cases. Here are some ways you can use AdsPower and Multilogin antidetect browsers:

Optimizing privacy

With the increase of cyber theft, individuals and organizations can use antidetect browsers to optimize privacy. Subsequently, these browsers prevent any website you visit from collecting identifying data from your device. As a result, they block website cookies and any third-party cookies that may attempt to gather data from your visit.

Manage multiple accounts

AdsPower and Multilogin are excellent solutions for managing multiple accounts. For example, a social media manager can have about three to five clients. Therefore, they need to manage these social media accounts from the same device. Usually, this can trigger an IP ban, but managing each account on a separate profile of the antidetect browser ensures they can do their job effectively. 

Bypass geographical limitations

When you visit a website, it can see your IP address, which can be used to determine your location. Some websites don’t accept requests from devices in certain locations. This makes work challenging, especially for marketers and social media managers who need to target audiences in different locations. However, you can bypass geographical limitations by using powerful antidetect browsers like AdsPower and Multilogin.

Web scraping

Web scraping has become a crucial operational process as businesses require relevant and up-to-date information for decision-making. Anti-bot measures are constantly evolving such that relying on a regular web scraper will not cut it. Therefore, businesses need to use optimized solutions like AdsPower and Multilogin to get access to the data they need to run the company effectively. However, you need to integrate a reliable proxy with these browsers for optimal performance. As a result, you can check out how to integrate NetNut proxy with AdsPower and Multilogin.

AdsPower vs Multilogin: A ComparisonAdsPower vs Multilogin: A Comparison

Before we dive into the differences between AdsPower and Multilogin, bear in mind that they share some similarities. First, both antidetect browsers allow users to save virtual browser profiles in cloud storage. As a result, members of a team can share profiles across multiple devices. Subsequently, this optimizes team efficiency and collaboration.

This section will explore some of the differences between AdsPower and Multilogin to help you determine which one is best suited to your needs. 


AdsPower offers four pricing models, including:

  • The free plan which allows users to manage two (2) profiles
  • The base plan supports 10 browser profiles and profile sharing and costs $5.4 per month
  • The pro plan costs $30 per month and comes with 100 profiles and automatic proxy matching
  • The last plan, custom, offers a custom number of profiles and dedicated professional assistance.

In addition, you can get a 40% discount for any of the plans when you make an annual payment. Features like proxy integration, account import, profile sync, and browser fingerprint control are available to all AdsPower users regardless of the plan.

On the other hand, Multilogin prices include:

  • €99 per month- Solo plan, and it covers 100 local and cloud-stored browser profiles. However, there are no seats for team members.
  • €199 per month – Team plan, and it provides 300 local and cloud-storage browser profiles. In addition, three seats are available for members.
  • €399 per month-Scale plan, which covers 1000 locally and cloud-stored. Moreover, it offers seats for 7 team members.
  • The last option is the custom plan, which allows you to apply for a trial with extra features.

Bear in mind that you can get a 25% discount on any plan if you pay annually. In addition, you can get a full money-back guarantee within the first 14 days. Regardless of the plan you subscribe to, here are some of the features you can expect:

  • Mimic and Stealthfox privacy browsers
  • Proxy integrations
  • Browser automation with Playwright
  • Live support
  • Custom browser fingerprints
  • Open API and knowledge center
  • Selenium Hardened and Puppeteer Hardened

Security and privacy

Generally, antidetect browsers focus on optimizing the data security and privacy of their users. Therefore, it becomes necessary to compare the level of privacy and security offered by AdsPower and Multilogin.

AdsPower focuses on maintaining user anonymity. However, they may collect certain information that may be classified as confidential, such as user authentication details. Reading AdsPower Privacy Policy, they mention how much they prioritize the security of user information. Some of the measures they employ for optimum security include technical, administrative, and physical measures. Examples of these automated software include firewall encryption technology. 

On the other hand, Multilogin’s security is described as a “paranoid-level security system.” They ensure that the customer’s authentication details, like username and password, are hashed. In other words, the sensitive information is encrypted, so it is not transmitted as plain text to the server. 

In addition, Multilogin utilizes the AES cipher to safeguard customer account data. Subsequently, each session is encrypted with a master password before the cookies are sent to the cloud storage. As a result, even if the data is intercepted by hackers, they cannot read it. Once your subscription expires and you don’t use the browser for three months, all your data is permanently wiped from the server.

Ease of use

One of the factors to consider when choosing the best antidetect browsers is the ease of use. Many experts describe AdsPower as a customer-friendly and easy-to-use platform. In addition, it comes with an in-one dashboard that allows users to create profiles and manage team members with ease.

Multilogin stands out in this category because it has a much cleaner and less busy interface. On the other hand, AdsPower comes with buttons, prompts, and overlays that could affect the user experience.

However, AdsPower stands out because it displays information about the profile at a glance. Subsequently, this makes it easier to get information, such as when a profile was created, or the last time it was modified. 

Anti-fingerprinting technology

The core of antidetect browsers is the ability to resist the fingerprinting measures on a website. Antidetect browsers can achieve this by automatically altering fingerprinting parameters like IP address, user agent, hardware information, and more. Therefore, you can perform repetitive activities like web scraping or managing multiple accounts from a device without triggering the fingerprinting measures.

AdsPower vs Multilogin comes with custom-built antidetect browsers. For AdsPower, their custom Chromium-based browser is also called AdsPower Browser. Meanwhile, Multilogin has two custom browsers, Stealthfox and Mimic, that allow users to create unique fingerprints across various profiles.

Bear in mind that factors like the specific implementation significantly influence the effectiveness of the anti-fingerprinting technology.


One similarity between AdsPower and Multilogin antidetect browsers is that they both support macOS and Windows. Meanwhile, Multilogin stands out because it supports Linux.

Browser fingerprinting customization

Another significant difference between AdsPower and Multilogin is the flexibility of the fingerprinting. With AdsPower, you can create a custom fingerprint by selecting the browser type, hardware characteristics, software features, and others. However, this antidetect browser does not support more than one fingerprint customization. Therefore, once you save a profile template, it will be applied to other profiles you create on the antidetect browser. 

On the other hand, Multilogin offers pre-designed browser fingerprints. Alternatively, you can generate a unique fingerprint based on your preferences. In addition, you can modify the fingerprints by adjusting some of the variables in the app’s advanced browser parameters. Some of these parameters include time zone, location, browser plugins, and more. Multilogin also offers advanced features like Active session lock, Custom DNS, Port scan protection, and Google services.

Team management

Team collaboration and management are other areas in which AdsPower and Multilogin can be compared. AdsPower is suitable for organizations that work in teams because it allows for sharing access to browser profiles. Subsequently, multiple team members can use and manage the profiles. This antidetect browser comes with the Operation Log feature, which keeps a record of every action taken by all members of the team. Therefore, the team leader and others can monitor activities as well as respond to any suspicious login activity. In addition, AdsPower optimizes the process of synchronizing browser extensions for team members to avoid reinstallation. 

Multilogin offers more robust features for managing teams. It uses features like audit logs to track user activity. In addition, it offers customizable permissions via the cloud profile features. This antidetect browser stands out because you can categorize multiple profiles into defined groups. Therefore, it makes it easier to manage the access to each profile. In other words, the team leader can decide who can modify information on a specific profile. 

Web automation

Another factor to consider when comparing AdsPower and Multilogin is web automation capabilities. AdsPower offers free automation features like local API integration and a versatile RPA(robotic process automation) tool. In addition, the AdsPower Antidetect browser provides a Facebook Automation tool, which allows for efficient Facebook page management. 

Meanwhile, Multilogin provides an Automation API that allows you to automate repetitive tasks. In addition, you can integrate automation frameworks like Selenium, Playwright, and Puppeteer for optimized performance. Such tasks include creating, launching, and modifying the antidetect browser profiles.

Resource consumption

Another significant factor to consider before choosing an antidetection browser is its resource consumption. Therefore, you need to consider the memory of your device as it will determine the compatibility of the antidetect browser. AdsPower requires about 2GB RAM to run effectively, which is less resource-intensive. On the other hand, with Multilogin, you need about 4GB RAM, so you need a device with enough space.  

Control of browser fingerprint

AdsPower offers two types of browsers- Flower Browsers, which are Firefox-based browsers, and Sun Browsers, which support Chrome browser extensions. These browsers allow you to easily customize user agent, browser type, operating system, and screen resolution.

Multilogin allows users to mimic real-user environments like Canvas, WebGL, and AudioContext fingerprints. In addition, Multilogin can emulate browsing environments such as operating systems and browser types.                                                                                    

Optimizing Antidetect Browser With NetNut ProxiesOptimizing Antidetect Browser With NetNut Proxies

One of the components of browser fingerprinting is the IP address. Therefore, using proxies is necessary to bypass geographical restrictions. This is necessary to access websites from various locations without being flagged. Without a proxy, all your IP addresses will be the same, which negatively affects anonymity, security, and data privacy.

AdsPower and Multilogin do not come with built-in proxy servers, so you need to purchase from a reliable provider. 

NetNut is an industry-leading proxy server provider that offers various solutions and pricing models to meet your needs. These proxies are compatible with AdsPower and Multilogin antidetect browsers. 

NetNut has an extensive network of over 85 million rotating residential proxies in 200 countries and over 250,000 mobile IPS in over 100 countries, which helps them provide exceptional data collection services.

NetNut rotating residential proxies are your automated proxy solution that ensures you can access websites despite geographic restrictions. Therefore, you get access to real-time data from all over the world that optimizes decision-making. In addition, you can consider our in-house solution- NetNut Scraper API, for web scraping activities.


This guide has examined some of the differences between AdsPower and Multilogin antidetect browsers. These browsers work by changing parameters like software variables, hardware variables., and IP addresses to maintain anonymity.

AdsPower and Multilogin both have robust features but with some differences. For example, regarding the pricing, AdsPower has a free plan and offers a 40% discount if you subscribe to the annual plan. On the other hand, Multilogin does not offer any free plan but has a 14-day money-back guarantee policy.

Be sure to check out the detailed guide on how to set up NetNut proxies on AdsPower and Multilogin. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance choosing the right proxy server.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does an antidetect browser work?

An antidetect browser works by creating a separate browsing environment for each profile you create. Subsequently, each profile works with a unique digital fingerprint, which allows you to manage multiple accounts from one device. However, the digital fingerprint is not generated randomly but is carefully created so it can be effective. The fingerprint consists of various data points, including the operating system, user agent, location, fonts, IP address, and others. 

Who can use antidetect browsers?

As the name suggests, antidetect browsers allow internet users to protect themselves and prevent detection by tracking measures. However, the use case extends beyond this, and they include:

  • Social media managers can use it to manage numerous client accounts from the same device.
  • Dropshippers can leverage antidetect browsers to expand their online business. 
  • Affiliate marketers can create multiple social media accounts and ad accounts to reach more people.
  • Ad managers may use antidetect browsers to control and run several ads simultaneously to optimize the efficiency of their strategy.

What are the factors to consider when choosing an antidetect browser?

Although we only covered two antidetect browsers in this guide, there are several others. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the best antidetect browser for your needs:

  • Security features
  • Compatibility with various operating systems
  • Transparency of pricing model and availability of free trials
  • Determine the range of application of the antidetect browser
  • Support offered by the developers or customer care team
  • Ease of setup, use, and other features.
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