Market research has been around for centuries. Companies and businesses have been practicing different techniques to collect, analyze, and interpret market information. Market research provides knowledge of purchasing and buying habits, demands, locations, and characteristics of the target markets and competitors.

Nowadays, competition is increasing as more and more businesses go online, and it’s essential to understand the market’s needs. By conducting useful and effective market research, correct market segmentation can be made and amplify your business performance and deliver your message to the correct focus groups.

But the more data around, the harder it is to gain updated and accurate information. That’s why companies seek more prominent ways of gathering useful and large-scale data, which can be delivered automatically by using proxies and data extraction tools.

You must be thinking by now how to conduct market research properly. Let’s dive into the details.

Conducting Market Research

Conducting various types of market research is essential for brands, as it’s the only way to tell what the market demands. The markets are dynamic and constantly changing, and with each change, the needs of prospects deviate.

Some key ingredients for conducting market research properly:

• Stay updated on the latest trends, happenings, and events.

• Be informed on what to improve and change in your product or service.

• What prospects expect from the new changes.

• Understand the types of solutions that are trending using the gathered information.

• Plan ahead using data analysis and visualization tools.

No matter how you gather data, either using web scraping or web crawling tools, proxies are a factor to consider. In a world full of data, It’s the quality that matters. Conducting market research can be quite tricky without acquiring accurate information. Therefore, make sure to gather informative, accurate, and useful data.

Using Proxies for Market Research

Different types of proxies and data gathering tools are available for market research activities. The most popular proxies for conducting such research activities are data center proxies and residential proxies.

When choosing the right proxies for market research, you must consider each proxy’s drawbacks and benefits. However, residential proxies perform better when it comes to accessing and scraping web pages. Residential proxies are private IP addresses delivered directly from ISPs and are real and legitimate residential and mobile IP addresses.

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Factors to Consider:

The main factors to consider when choosing residential proxies are:

High speed

Speed is an essential factor when choosing the right proxy network. You will experience heavy workloads with different online platforms, so if speed slows down, so will your work and productivity.

Number of IPs

Select a proxy service that offers a large IP pool, particularly when investing in a private proxy server. Needless to say, it’s not the high number of IPs that counts, but the IPs’ ability to remain available 24/7. ISP proxy networks are always active, unlike the usual P2P network, which depends on the end user’s device. ISP proxies offer static IPs, enabling users to keep the IP address as long as desired.

Rotating IPs

A residential proxy is an ideal proxy for scraping websites. But suspicions arise when used to scrape the same websites continuously and from the same IP address. Hence, rotating proxies are necessary to migrate suspicious behavior and get accurate scraping results.

 Dedicated proxy pools

Most of the proxies offer shared proxy pools to the clients. NetNut, as a residential proxy provider, offers optimized dedicated proxy pools. This makes it easy for you to conduct different researches such as SEO monitoring, price intelligence, social listening, and many more.

24/7 customer service

It is always better to select a proxy service that provides extensive 24/7 customer service. Because whenever an emergency arises, you should be able to reach out to your proxy provider at any time.


Guarantee that the proxy service you invest in is legitimate. Check for reviews and feedback from other proxy users about particular proxy services. Make sure to choose a legitimate proxy provider to conduct your market research without encountering any legal or unethical issues.

Considering such factors can enhance your market research activities as well as your overall results.

Keep in mind – Although they are easily detected, Datacenter proxies are considered “cheap” at times and mostly preferred by potential customers due to their low pricing module. Residential proxies offer unmatched anonymity features and are used for large-scale operations while delivering better and accurate data.

Wrapping up

Gathering data for market research is common among businesses for a while now. Proxy servers are a great solution to add value to your company and stay in the game.

Conducting market research allows you to understand what the industry trends are and what the customer looks for. Allowing you the chance to create products that will potentially trend in the market.

Many marketers can prefer datacenter proxies due to their cheaper cost. But if you prefer to have legitimate IPs with greater security, we recommend you to go with residential proxies. Ensure choosing the right proxy type that serves your online activities smoothly and with more excellent stability.

Choosing the Right Proxies for Market Research
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