How to configure proxy settings on Kameleo

1. Download, install, and launch Kameleo.

2. Login with user credentials and open Kameleo’s dashboard.

3. After setting up your user profile, open the ‘Profile Proxy Settings section.
Select HTTP as an ‘Upstream Proxy Type‘.

4. Add your NetNut credentials in the profile’s proxy settings, to integrate Kameleo with NetNut.

• Enter the following URL and Port in the correct fields, like this:

Proxy URL:
Port: 5959

• Insert your username and password under the correct fields.

• Specify a country by replacing ‘any’ in your NetNut username with the country code (cc) of your desired Geolocation – Check out our available countries

Example of country specification –

United States: username-cc-us
Germany: username-cc-de
Spain: username-cc-es

Configure proxy setting on Kameleo - netnut residential proxy network

How to set up Static / Sticky IP

Add to the username the following:  

username-cc-[country_code]-sid-[number from 1 to 99999999]
(remove brackets “[ ]” )

For example – NetNut-cc-us-sid-12345678:password

**The chosen number should be of minimum 5 digits, and maximum 8 characters long.

***For IP whitelisting, follow the instructions in your User Dashboard

Configure proxy setting on Kameleo - netnut residential proxy network

Click ‘Next‘ and ‘Launch Browser‘ to save the settings.

You’re all set! Kameleo will now run through NetNut proxies,
as easy as that!

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