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Experience lightning-fast, reliable, & secure access with our unique ISP proxies solutions.
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Unbeatable Stability and Speed

With NetNut’s ISP proxies, enjoy superior stability and speed for your data-intensive projects.

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Zero IP Blocks: Zero CAPTCHAS

Unmatched Global Coverage

1M+ Static IPs

Cost-Effective Premium Proxies

Lightning-Fast Data Collection

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Advanced Anonymity and Security

Protect your privacy and ensure data security with our ISP proxies featuring real user IPs.

Locations: Global ISP Proxy Network

Access ISP proxies in multiple countries, tailored to your specific location needs.


Extensive Global Coverage

Access over 1 million ISP proxy IPs from around the world, ensuring optimal performance wherever you are.

Cost-effective Solutions

Get premium ISP proxies at competitive prices, providing unparalleled value for your investment.

API Access

Easily retrieve usage statistics and integrate our proxies with your tools via a simple API.

Dedicated Support

Receive full support from our dedicated account managers, including remote sessions and integration assistance.

Customizable Solutions

Tailor your ISP proxy plan to match your specific use case and requirements.

Seamless Integration

Integrate and configure NetNut ISP proxies with your favorite tools and applications effortlessly.


Faster Data Collection

With ISP proxies, improve your data extraction speed for web scraping, SERP tracking, and more.

Bypass Restrictions

Access geo-restricted content and bypass IP bans, CAPTCHAs, and other limitations.

Enhanced Security

Protect your online privacy and ensure data security with our advanced proxy solutions.

Competitive Advantage

Gain valuable insights by leveraging ISP proxies for various industries, staying ahead of the competition.

How Companies Use Our Proxies

From market research to ad verification, businesses utilize our ISP proxies to gain a competitive edge and access valuable data.

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SEO Monitoring & SERPs Tracking
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Ad Verification
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Price Comparison
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Market Research
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Web Data Extraction
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Social Media Management
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Email Protection
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Travel Aggregation
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Alternative Data
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Threat Intelligence
Website Change Monitoring
Website Change Monitoring
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Food Delivery Data
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Brand Protection
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Reviews Monitoring
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How Rotating Residential Proxies Work

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Proxy Features
Select an ISP proxy plan suitable for your needs.
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The NetNut ISP proxy network transparently performs load balancing to connect you to the destination URL.
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Easily integrate and configure NetNut ISP proxies with your favorite tool.


Choose from our flexible and competitive pricing options to suit your specific needs and budget.

Static Residential Proxies Netnut
NetNut Rotating Residential Proxies Pricing

♾️ We offer unlimited connections for all packages.

All prices may be subject to change according to different use cases.

Top-Tier Customer Service

Receive tailored support from dedicated account managers and multi-channel assistance to ensure your success.

Dedicated Account Manager

Tailored support to help you succeed.

Multi-Channel Support

Reach out to our support in more than 5 different channels.

Quick & Efficient Response Time

We'll help you find the best solution ASAP.

Tailored Solutions

Custom solutions for data goals.

FAQs About Rotating Residential Proxies

Browse our FAQ section for answers to common questions about our ISP proxies.

  • An ISP proxy is a proxy server that routes your web traffic directly through Internet Service Providers, offering faster speeds and increased stability.
  • ISP proxies offer direct connections to ISPs, ensuring faster speeds and lower latency, while residential proxies route traffic through end-user devices, providing higher levels of anonymity.
  • Yes, NetNut offers an extensive list of locations for its ISP proxies, allowing you to target country-level restrictions and optimize your IP pool.

ISP proxies offer several advantages over other proxy types, such as data center proxies or shared proxies. First, ISP proxies are issued by Internet Service Providers, making them more reliable and less likely to be flagged or banned by websites, as they appear like genuine residential IP addresses. Second, they typically provide faster connection speeds and lower latency, resulting in better performance for web scraping, data extraction, or other online activities. Third, ISP proxies usually provide greater anonymity and security, as they are less likely to be associated with malicious activities compared to other proxy types.

Businesses can benefit from using ISP proxies in a variety of ways. For example, they can use ISP proxies for web scraping and data extraction to gather valuable information about competitors, market trends, and customer preferences. This data can help inform their marketing strategies, product development, and pricing decisions. Additionally, ISP proxies can be used to access geo-restricted content or test website functionality from different locations, ensuring a consistent user experience across different regions. Finally, ISP proxies can help protect a business’s online identity by providing anonymity and security during sensitive activities, such as market research or competitor analysis.

Yes, ISP proxies are an excellent choice for social media management. Because they are assigned by Internet Service Providers and appear as residential IP addresses, they are less likely to be detected and blocked by social media platforms. This makes them ideal for managing multiple accounts, automating social media activities, and accessing geo-restricted content. Using ISP proxies for social media management can help businesses maintain a strong online presence, engage with their target audience, and monitor their brand reputation more effectively.

ISP proxies are a great choice for use with SEO tools and software. Their reliability, speed, and low latency make them ideal for tasks such as keyword research, rank tracking, and competitor analysis. By using ISP proxies, businesses can obtain accurate and unbiased data from search engines and other websites while minimizing the risk of IP bans or restrictions. This can help improve the effectiveness of their SEO efforts and ultimately contribute to better search engine rankings and online visibility.

ISP proxies can significantly improve web scraping performance due to their unique characteristics. Firstly, they offer faster connection speeds and lower latency compared to other types of proxies, enabling quicker and more efficient data retrieval. Secondly, ISP proxies appear as genuine residential IP addresses, reducing the likelihood of being blocked or flagged by target websites. This means fewer interruptions and more successful scraping sessions. Lastly, using ISP proxies can help maintain user privacy and anonymity, ensuring that web scraping activities remain undetected and secure.

While ISP proxies can technically be used for online gaming and streaming, they may not be the best choice for these activities. The primary purpose of ISP proxies is to provide anonymity, security, and access to restricted content or services. Although they offer fast connection speeds and low latency, using them for online gaming or streaming might not deliver the optimal experience compared to a direct connection or a specialized gaming proxy or VPN service

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