Back in March, my colleague Chris and I released a proxy research report on Proxyway. It marked the end of our two-month investigation of the 9 leading residential proxy services. We looked at their features, ran extensive performance tests, and consulted business professionals to learn how they use proxies for some of the most popular use cases.

NetNut appeared as one of the top contenders and showed impressive results. In this article, I’ll go through how our testing data reflects on NetNut as a proxy network for companies and businesses.

A reliable and high-performing residential proxy network

NetNut’s offers static and rotating residential proxies, and we found that this has a really positive impact on performance. On account they are provided directly from worldwide ISPs (internet service providers), these residential proxies work with fast connection speed and, most importantly, a very high up-time.

This effectively gives NetNut’s proxies the reliability of datacenter IPs, while making them as hard to detect as regular peer-to-peer residential proxies. Many other providers rely on unpredictable end-users devices, and it shows in their results.

In our tests, NetNut’s proxies displayed great speeds and success rates.
For example, we got an over 90% success rate with Google and Amazon – both very challenging targets for any established proxy provider.

But NetNut’s performance really stood out under load testing, where the network sustained a nearly
93% success rate even under 250 concurrent connections. This shows that NetNut has a strong infrastructure and is well-positioned to serve clients with large needs.

High IP diversity

Many proxy providers claim to have millions of IP addresses. In reality, this number rarely reaches the advertised amount at any given time, and it fluctuates daily.

IP diversity is often overlooked, maybe because it’s so time-consuming and expensive to measure.
Yet, it is an important criterion if you are using proxies for high-volume scraping or other tasks that require a large and diverse proxy pool.

During our tests, 96% of NetNut’s IP addresses we used were unique – the best result among all the providers we tested. We are not sure how NetNut achieves this feature, but it really stands out as a unique strength. To give you a comparison, out of eight other providers five out of nine failed to reach 15%.

Anonymous and clean residential IP addresses

Performance aside, proxies must also be clean. This means two things: they should never reveal your real IP address, and they should not show themselves as proxies. Otherwise, your targets may show you false information (as is often the case with Amazon) or block you from accessing content altogether.

For our research, we used multiple tools to see if they can identify the residential IPs as proxies.
NetNut passed all of our anonymity tests, and we could not find any of the proxies on online blacklists. That’s pretty impressive when talking about static residential proxies for social media management, for example.

A great choice for web scraping and market research tasks

To make the market research easier to apply, we interviewed over 190 businesses and professionals in 6 industries, to learn what they value in proxies most. We then calculated how each of the nine providers was able to meet those criteria.

NetNut’s rotating proxies turned out to be particularly well suited for market research and web scraping tasks. Since then, NetNut has updated its service, introducing more IP addresses and targeting options, so its rankings should only improve in our future tests.

Proxy research conclusions

Despite being in business for a few years only, NetNut has built a robust infrastructure. In many areas, NetNut is already competing with the leading providers in the market, and we don’t see them slowing down in the near future.

NetNut provides a 7-day trial with optimized IP pools according to your use case, and assigning you with a designated account manager – So what are you waiting for?

As always, this will keep the proxy market on its toes by testing every major proxy provider and publishing objective results. We want to thank NetNut for their warm communication and wish them the best of luck for the rest of 2020.

Proxy Research: NetNut’s Strengths in the Proxy Market
Senior Growth Marketing Manager
As NetNut's Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Or Maman applies his marketing proficiency and analytical insights to propel growth, establishing himself as a force within the proxy industry.