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Proxies for Travel Fare Aggregation

Travel fare aggregation challenges

Businesses in the travel industry, such as airlines, rental companies, travel agencies, or hospitality – are aware that travel fare aggregation and price comparison can help them stay on top of any price changes in the market.
Accuracy and speed are of key importance for travel fare data business.
However, the competition between travel websites has made travel data aggregation a tricky niche to conquer.
Most travel websites can check their visitor’s IPs. Whenever they come across a corporate or a datacenter IP or bot-like behavior, they deploy methods for stopping the IPs from accessing the actual content – or serving them with wrong and inaccurate information.

Compare travel fare data using residential proxies

The best solution to dealing with travel fare aggregation challenges is by utilizing residential proxies.
Residential proxies are IPs assigned from ISPs. They hide your actual IP address, allow you to act as an ordinary website visitor, offering travel fare aggregation from different geo-targeted locations.
Residential IPs are “forcing” websites to treat you as a potential customer, and they cannot track that travel fare data is under parsing. Hence, the required price comparison or other travel fare data can easily be obtained, helping companies remain competitive and offer better prices to their customers.

Get accurate travel fare data using NetNut

NetNut is the fastest residential proxy provider, offering real and active residential IPs
for all travel fare data collection and price comparison activities.

By utilizing a dynamic P2P network and delivering optimized IP pools, NetNut is the ultimate solution for travel fare aggregation at higher speed and lower $/GB rates.

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