If you have to manage multiple accounts on social media, you should consider using a proxy. In this article, we’re focusing on the reasons to use Facebook proxy, Twitter proxy, Instagram proxy, and what to look for when choosing a proxy provider.

Marketing or advertising via social media is becoming increasingly fierce with every passing day. More than a half of the world population (56%) uses social media platforms, with over a million new users joining each day. Marketing professionals not only have to persuade consumers to purchase their products, but also ensure that social media platforms recognize their content as valuable enough to merit promotion.

But creating quality content isn’t always enough. At some point you have to increase the distribution channels. That’s when you should create multiple social media accounts.

What are the benefits of managing multiple social media accounts?

Companies and brands may choose to set up multiple profiles due to various reasons.

  • In the long run, this step is essential to help your business grow by gaining more followers and boosting your brand awareness. When people see that your account is genuine and has existed for a long time, you will notice that you get more organic traffic.
  • Multiple accounts are the only way if you sell different types of goods to different people, for example, if you’re doing affiliate marketing. For instance, if you are selling jewelry or sporting equipment, you will appeal to two separate audiences. Therefore, you’ll be selling these items via two accounts. For each niche and market, you should have a different account. With this approach, you portray your expertise as an authority and engage in meaningful conversations with those who are part of your market.
  • Last but not least, having several accounts allows you to keep an eye on your competitors. In private conversations, you can identify their strengths and weaknesses. Discover where you stand on the game and develop your next strategy based on that.

Creating multiple social media accounts: Things to keep in mind

If you create more than one profile, it’s essential to be cautious. Learn about the guidelines and rules for the various social media websites that you’re using. If they find out that you’re breaking the laws and regulations, you could be barred from that platform. See the relevant policies for the most popular platforms:

You should evaluate your risks when creating many accounts on these platforms, as you definitely don’t want to be banned forever. Our recommendation for protecting yourself from these dangers is to use special social media proxy services.

Why do you need proxies for managing many social media accounts?

The majority of platforms limit the total number of accounts coming from one IP address. When the limit is reached, the algorithm may block or freeze accounts associated with the IP address that is at issue.

Having a social media proxy is essential for managing multiple profiles on the same platform. By using a reliable proxy, you will protect your identity and won’t have to worry about having your IP blocked or accounts being frozen.

Which proxy to use for social media?

Probably the best way to go would be using residential proxies, as they come from IPs that are owned by real people and provide maximum protection. The static residential proxies offered by NetNut are perfect for this task, since you can keep all the residential IPs for as long as you need.

With NetNut’s proxies, you’ll be able to manage multiple social media accounts with no hassle, without being blocked. Combine all of that with a dedicated account manager who is always there to assist you and you’ll be on the right track.

Facebook Proxy

One of the most powerful anti-spam systems on Facebook combines artificial intelligence, deep learning, and other technologies to detect fake accounts and accounts managed by a single person or a team. Since Facebook does not allow its users to create more than one account, you have to come up with workarounds for this limitation, such as using residential static proxies to hide your IP footprint.

Instagram Proxy

Whenever multiple Instagram accounts are operated from the same IP address, Instagram will detect that as a suspicious activity. These kinds of activities may be considered spam-like by the platform, which could result in IP bans. Once you receive one, it can be difficult to prove that you weren’t spamming. Additionally, unfreezing or unbanning your account is not guaranteed. If the number of accounts you need to create is more than 5, use proxies for social media account management to avoid the risks of being kept in the dark for an unknown amount of time.

Twitter proxy

Multiple accounts on Twitter can serve a variety of purposes to individuals and organizations. Very often it’s about monitoring and protecting the brand identity – keeping an eye on what people tweet about your brand. Using a single IP address, you are limited to managing a small number of Twitter accounts. However, if you use static residential proxies for social media, this problem can be easily eliminated.

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Why do you need proxies for managing multiple social media accounts?
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