Proxies for SEO Monitoring & SERP Tracking

Our powerful proxies for SEO allow you to monitor search engine optimization data and track SERP results with unrestricted access
Access data from any search engine
Supercharge your SEO strategy with reliable insights
Ensure accurate, location-specific results

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What Are Proxies for SEO Monitoring & SERP Tracking And How Do They Work?

Proxies for SEO and SERP tracking act as intermediaries between you and search engines. They provide anonymity and enable efficient data extraction for better search engine optimization strategies.

Enhanced SEO Monitoring

Optimized Data Extraction

Efficient SERP Tracking

Leveraging Rotating Residential Proxies for SEO

Learn how rotating residential proxies can elevate your SEO

Dynamic IP Rotation: Safeguard your identity and prevent IP bans with constantly changing IPs.

Comprehensive Insights: Access search engines globally for thorough SERP tracking and analysis.

Reliable Data Collection: Gather accurate keyword rankings and SEO data for better decision-making.

Uninterrupted SERP Monitoring: Ensure continuous tracking to gain in-depth SEO insights.

How to Use SEO Proxy to Improve Your Website’s Rankings
Forward vs residential proxy

Static Residential Proxies: Your SEO & SERP Tracking Friend

Explore the reliability of static residential proxies for SEO and SERP tracking.

Consistent IPs: Maintain uninterrupted SEO monitoring with stable and reliable IP addresses.

Targeted SEO Strategies: Use static proxies for localized SEO campaigns and precise geographic targeting.

Data Reliability: Ensure accurate, long-term SEO analysis with consistent IPs.

Enhanced Security: Static residential IPs are less prone to bans, offering a secure SEO tracking solution.

Why Embrace Proxies for SEO & SERP Tracking?

Uncover the key reasons to leverage proxies for your SEO

Data Accuracy

Uninterrupted SERP Data

Localized Results

Informed Decision-Making

Enhance your SEO strategy with reliable data and insights.

Ban Prevention

Safeguard against IP bans to maintain uninterrupted SEO monitoring.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition with dependable data analysis.

Global Coverage

Obtain location-specific data from around the world for a comprehensive SEO overview.

Data-Driven Choices

Make informed decisions based on trustworthy SEO insights.

Privacy Protection

Shield your IP and data integrity while tracking search engine rankings.

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Introducing NetNut's Dashboard

Get ready to experience unmatched control and insights with our user-friendly dashboard tailored to your needs.

NetNut proxy generator
Real-time static proxy control

Real-time proxy management

Monitor and adjust your proxies with just a few clicks

Detailed usage stats

Comprehensive analytics

Track your usage and performance with detailed statistics.

Static Proxy Customization

Customizable settings

Fine-tune your proxies for optimal performance and results.

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Why Working with Our Proxies

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NetNut’s architecture is unique in its ability to provide rotating residential proxies with one-hop connectivity. The traffic is not routed through end users’ devices, so there is no bottleneck in the traffic flow.



All traffic is routed exclusively through the NetNut network; no third-party computers are utilized. As a result, there won’t be any disconnections or interruptions in the proxy network.

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NetNut guarantees the quality of its service, as all the servers are located on major internet routes or at ISP network connectivity points that are completely controlled by NetNut.

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Get the most from our proxy rotation service with the finest support from a dedicated account manager. Full integration support will be provided along with remote sessions if needed.

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Rotation Residental Proxies Pricing

Unlimited connections for all packages, prices subject to change based on use cases

Starter $7.07/GB

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14GB plan



Advanced $6.94/GB

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36GB plan



Production $6.65/GB

vat badge

75GB plan



Semi-Pro $5.70/GB

vat badge

175GB plan



Professional $4.99/GB

vat badge

400GB plan



Master $3.75/GB

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1TB plan



Starter $6/GB

vat badge

14GB plan



Advanced $5.91/GB

vat badge

36GB plan



Production $5.65/GB

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75GB plan



Semi-Pro $4.85/GB

vat badge

175GB plan



Professional $4.24/GB

vat badge

400GB plan



Master $3.18/GB

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1TB plan



All plans include

City/State Selection

API Access

IP Whitelist

Dedicated account manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover Answers to Your Burning Questions with Our FAQ Section.

How Do I Setup a Free Trial Account?

To set up a free trial account, follow these steps:

1. Sign up on our website.
2. Contact our sales team through WhatsApp, Telegram, Skype, email, or live chat.
3. Clearly explain how you intend to use our proxies, including the type of product, target domains, use case, and required bandwidth.

Once we understand your needs, we’ll get your free trial account up and running!

Absolutely. By default, NetNut Residential Proxies are designed to rotate. Instead of offering a single, unchanging IP like static proxies, our rotating residential proxies give you a wide range of IP addresses to access. This ensures that you’re assigned a fresh, random IP at specified or random intervals based on your session preferences.

We accept a variety of payment options including PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Bank Wire, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Yes. We’re offering 3\6\12 month plans. Please contact our sales team for more information

In our billing model, the bandwidth usage is calculated as the sum of data transmitted to and from the target site, which includes request headers, request data, response headers, and response data. For request-based plans, we only charge for successful requests.

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