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Alarum Technologies Ltd., a world leader in cybersecurity and a NASDAQ constituent (ALAR), presents NetNut - an innovative proxy provider. As an Alarum-powered company with over 6 years of market experience, NetNut is an industry leader in data collection.

NetNut’s Journey

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NetNut Ltd. is founded

NetNut is launched, providing businesses with robust solutions for data gathering and access to web intelligence insights


Significant advancements in server infrastructure

In 2018, NetNut made substantial advancements in its server infrastructure, increasing efficiency and reliability. This ensured an even more robust and dependable solution for clients, setting a strong foundation for the revolutionary technology introduced in the following year


Introduction of a new proprietary technology

NetNut introduces its unique technology, implementing it on its servers located across a network of over 200 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and internet exchange points worldwide


Expansion of the Residential Proxy Network

NetNut expands its Residential Proxy Network, offering Static and Dynamic IPs, improving its global network coverage and positioning itself as a comprehensive solution for various data collection use cases


Recognized as one of Israel's fastest-growing companies

NetNut is recognized as one of Israel’s fastest-growing companies, securing the 14th position in the ranking for the years 2018-2021


Achieving a 99% data accuracy rate

NetNut attains an impressive 99% data accuracy rate, revolutionizing data collection speed for businesses worldwide


Introduction of new products: Website Unblocker, Datasets, SERP Scraper API

NetNut is set to launch three innovative products in 2023, including the Website Unblocker, Datasets, and SERP Scraper API, further expanding its services and enhancing its clients’ data extraction capabilities


Enhancing Services and Empowering Communities

In 2024, we enhanced our customer service by introducing 24/7 support, achieved ISO 27001 certification for data security, revamped our website for a better user experience, and initiated the Impact Data Initiative to provide advanced tools to NGOs, universities, and public entities.

Leading the market with an ethical and innovation-driven approach

Our Infrastructure and Success Rates

NetNut operates an expansive network of 52,125,583 premium proxies, leveraging a hybrid mix of ISP and dynamic residential proxies. This vast network, spread across more than 200 ISPs globally, stands as a robust solution for a wide range of data collection use cases. As a result of our platform’s unmatched success rates – 99% for Rotating and Static Residential Proxy, and 100% for Mobile IP Requests, we guarantee reliable and efficient services to our diverse customer base, now over 2,763 worldwide

Our Products and Solutions

NetNut’s suite of offerings ranges from Rotating Residential Proxies to Static Residential Proxies, Mobile IPs, and Datacenter Proxies. These products are designed to suit diverse needs while ensuring superior performance, speed, and reliability. With a focus on superior customer experience, transparency, and compliance, NetNut is committed to making web data accessible in the most reliable and flexible way possible

Recognitions and Milestones

Our relentless dedication to innovation and excellence led us to be ranked 14th among Israel’s 100 fastest-growing companies between 2018-2021, according to Globes. This recognition speaks volumes about our work, growth trajectory, and quality of services

We invite you to join us

If you are driven, enthusiastic, and share our commitment to excellence, join us in our journey towards a more transparent and fair web. We celebrate a culture of efficiency and professionalism, ensuring a fulfilling work-life balance for our team.
As a subsidiary of Alarum Technologies Ltd., we continue to innovate and drive the industry forward, making strides towards revolutionizing the way businesses interact with the web. Trust us to provide cutting-edge solutions that ensure efficient data extraction while maintaining full anonymity.

Innovation, Transparency, and Compliance

We believe in creating real value through real-world actions. Our culture of ‘getting things done’ is coupled with a steadfast commitment to responsible data collection. Compliance with all legal requirements is a priority for us, and we ensure the highest level of security for our networks by thoroughly vetting our peers, partners, and customers

NetNut’s Leadership

Shachar Daniel

Shachar Daniel

CEO at Alarum Ltd


Ezra Muallem



Moishi Kramer



Tomer Cohen



Jeffy Binhas

Head of Sales


Dafna Lipowicz

VP of HR


Hagit Gal

Legal Counsel


Julia Miller Levi

Head of Sales


Eitan Bremler

Vice President Products


Shai Avnit