SLA (Service Level Agreement)


SLA (Service Level Agreement) between customers and the organization outlines the agreed-upon expectations and responsibilities to ensure efficient collaboration and customer satisfaction. Here’s the SLA :


Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: March 2024

This Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) governs the provision of services on the NetNut Ltd. (“NetNut”) platforms (the “Services”) and forms part of the Master Service Agreement between NetNut and the Client (the “Agreement”). NetNut reserves the right to update this SLA periodically to reflect changes in its support practices, and the Client will be notified of such updates.

A.     Support Obligations

Support Hours: NetNut will provide the Client with technical support during Business Hours, defined as Sunday through Thursday between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM GMT+3. However, for critical errors (as defined below), the Client will have access to 24/7 support. Support will be available through e-mail, messaging platforms, and a ticketing system, with access to a designated support manager.

During non-working hours, including evenings, Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays, NetNut will provide support services exclusively through the ticketing system and emails. Response times may be longer during these hours but will remain within the company’s SLA.

B.      Incident Procedures

Upon receiving a reported incident, NetNut will assess its severity level at its discretion. The Client is responsible for providing necessary resources and requested data promptly to facilitate NetNut in addressing the issue effectively.

Support Types and times:

·         E-mail Support: Available 24/7

·         Instant Media (Slack): Available within business hours

Incident Severity Levels and Response Time:


Error Severity Level


Service Response Time



A downtime situation where core components of the Services are non-operational

Within 0-3 hours

Support Technical Expert within 3 business hours, Engineer within 6 business hours


One of the components of the service is currently experiencing a malfunction

Within 12-24 business hours

As required


An error is present, but the service remains fully functional

Within 3 business days

As required


In this context, “Network” refers to the availability of NetNut Services, while “Success Rate” pertains to the capability of accessing and processing the public web page elements of a selected domain. It’s important to note that a decrease in Success Rate incidents does not encompass any reduction caused by Client modifications to NetNut’s default request services.


C.     Availability; Downtime Reimbursement


·         “Uptime”: Determined based on the official NetNut network status report.

·         “Permitted Downtime”: Scheduled maintenance and upgrades conducted by NetNut.

·         “Downtime”: Total accumulated minutes when the NetNut network is not in the Uptime state, excluding Permitted Downtime.

·         “Downtime Reimbursement”: Monetary credit issued to the Client for Downtime, applied to future use of Services.

Monthly Uptime Percentage: NetNut will make diligent efforts to maintain a minimum Uptime percentage of 99.9% throughout each monthly billing cycle.

Exceptions: The Availability commitment and Downtime Reimbursement are not applicable in the following circumstances:

·         Performance issues resulting from a manual suspension initiated by the Client.

·         Factors beyond NetNut’s reasonable control.

·         Performance issues arising from the Client’s equipment, software, or third-party technology.

·         Instances resulting from NetNut’s suspension or termination of the Client’s right to use the Services.

Credit Request: If the Client believes they’re eligible for Downtime Reimbursement, the Client shall contact NetNut’s Customer Success team at and include the following information:

·         “SLA Downtime Reimbursement” in the subject line

·         Account Username

·         Calculated Uptime Percentage

·         Applicable documentation evidencing failure to meet the Availability.

Downtime Reimbursement will be issued within one billing cycle following the month of the credit request if Monthly Uptime Percentage falls below the defined Availability threshold.

Contact methods:

·         Chat with support (Slack): NetNut Support

·         E-mail:

D.     Client’s Responsibilities

As a condition for NetNut’s obligations hereunder, Client must:

·         Report Issues promptly and accurately.

·         Provide sufficient information for NetNut to review, duplicate, replicate, and research the reported issue so NetNut can analyze the situation and take appropriate corrective action.

·         Follow NetNut instructions, Documentation, and suggestions regarding the use, Workarounds, configuration changes, or other related actions.


Contact methods:



Chat with support (Slack): NetNut Support



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