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Access a frequently updated list of free proxies, including HTTP, Socks4, and Socks5 open proxies, refreshed constantly and available around the clock.


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Discover a dynamic collection of free open proxies, meticulously curated from diverse sources. Our advanced system continuously gathers and verifies thousands of proxies from the internet, ensuring you always have access to the most reliable proxies.

We conduct multiple tests per minute on each proxy, immediately removing any that fail to meet our standards. Our powerful backend infrastructure, equipped with numerous proxy checkers and scrapers, refreshes the proxy list every second to maintain top quality.

This extensive proxy list features SOCKS4, SOCKS5, and HTTP proxies, which can be downloaded as a text file (.txt) or accessed through our proxy API.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Free Proxy List

Discover Answers to Your Burning Questions with Our FAQ Section.

Do you offer any paid proxies?

Yes, along with our free proxy list, we also offer premium proxies that are designed to be more reliable and secure than free proxies. Paid proxies typically offer faster speeds, better uptime, and higher anonymity.

Check our home page at to learn about our Rotating Residential Proxies, Static Residential Proxies, Mobile Proxies, Datacenter Proxies, and Website Unblocker for optimal proxy performance.


Proxies are intermediary servers that act as a middleman between your device and the internet. When you use a proxy, your internet traffic gets routed through the proxy server first, before reaching its final destination. This can offer some benefits like anonymity and security, but also has drawbacks like slower speeds and potential reliability issues. 

A free proxy list is a collection of free proxy server addresses that you can use to route your internet traffic. There are many websites that offer free proxy lists, but it’s important to be aware that these proxies may not be reliable or secure. 

  • Anonymity: By using a proxy, your IP address is hidden from the websites you visit. This can be useful if you want to browse the internet anonymously.
  • Security: Some proxies can offer an additional layer of security by filtering out malicious content.
  • Access geo-restricted content: In some cases, a proxy server located in a different country can be used to access content that is geo-restricted in your area.
  • Reliability: Free proxy servers are often overloaded and unreliable. They may go down frequently or be slow.
  • Security: Free proxies may not be secure and could potentially inject malware into your traffic.
  • Limited functionality: Some free proxies may only support certain protocols (like HTTP) and not others (like SOCKS).
  • Slow Speeds: Free proxies are often overloaded, which can lead to slower browsing speeds.

We cannot guarantee the safety of any free proxy list. While we strive to provide the freshest and most reliable free proxies possible, there are inherent risks associated with using free proxies. It’s important to be aware of these risks before using any free proxy list. 

A proxy scraper is a tool that automatically collects proxy server addresses from the internet. These lists are then aggregated and provided to users.

These are different proxy protocols that offer varying levels of functionality and security. Our free list offers a mix of all three. You can learn more about the differences between these protocols [online](search terms: HTTP proxy vs SOCKS proxy).

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