Incogniton is an anti-detection browser that helps you to create and manage multiple accounts without being recognized and banned.

Setting up proxies for Dolphin Browser

1.Sign up on the Dolphin{anty} website. It’ll take less than a minute.

2. Download and set up the browser on your device.

3.Open the browser and sign in. First, we’ll add our proxies to the browser. Go to the Proxies section.

4. Click Create proxy.

5.You’ll see the advice from the developers how to add proxies.

NetNut provides users with a ready-to-go link, so you just need to paste it and then click Add.

6.Select the proxy and click Check connection.

Congrats, now you can add this proxy to your accounts!

To do so, open the Browsers tab.

and click Create profile.

Enter the name of the profile and click Saved proxies.

Select the Saved proxy and click Create.

Click Start and enjoy your online journey with Dolphin{anty}.

Bonuses for users

Dolphin{anty} not only regularly adds useful features to its software, but also is not stingy in pleasing its users with pleasant bonuses. These include:

  • 4-day trial. You can test the full version of the browser for free for 4 days.
  • Completely free subscription plan. All users can create up to 10 accounts at once and absolutely free of charge. The subscription plan is valid without any restrictions. It differs from the paid versions only in that it is impossible to transfer profiles to other users and work with him in a team.

For those who still have questions, Dolphin{anty} has one of the fastest and most friendly support teams.

DONE! Incogniton will now run through NetNut proxies
as easy as that!

Senior Growth Marketing Manager