What is Insomniac Browser?

The Insomniac Browser is a privacy-focused browser that allows you to enjoy maximum privacy for online activities, especially shopping. Built on a solid open-source foundation, the Insomniac Browser has some unique features that ensure you get the latest security features. Insomniac has been a leading multi-session browser for over a decade because of its ease of setup and use.

This guide will examine the process of configuring NetNut proxies on the Insomniac Browser.

Understanding NetNut Proxy Configuration

There are various proxy types  so when integrating NetNut proxies, choose HTTP or SOCKS5 protocol.

This is an example of a proxy string for a browser : 



Step 1: Hostname Configuration

Copy the hostname/server address provided by NetNut

Example: Type gw-am.ntnt.io into the host field if you are using HTTP protocol. Alternatively, type gw-socks-am.ntnt.io for SOCKS5 protocol

Step 2: Port number Configuration

The Port number for NetNut HTTP proxies is 5959 and 9595 for SOCKS5

Step 3: Username Configuration

Username is your login, which you can find in your NetNut account in Settings -> Billing.

Proxy-type is the proxy type that you use. NetNut provides three different proxy types depending on your subscription plan. Your username should have three components including your user ID, type of proxy( residential, datacenter, static) and target country.

  •         dc — datacenter;
  •         res — rotating residential proxy;
  •         stc — static residential proxy.

Country is the country whose IP addresses will be used for connection. You can choose “Any,” in which case any available country will be used, or you can provide the ISO code of a specific country from the list of NetNut’s available countries: e.g., jp (Japan), fr (France).

Example: ticketing123-res-us 


This is where you get the proxy username and password from the customer portal. You can also get in touch with your account manager if you’d like additional assistance.

customer portal

Step 4: Consistent IP session

While NetNut provides rotating IP addresses, you may want a static IP address. This can be useful when you want to maintain your  session via the same IPs. Then you need to incorporate a session id (SID) with your username.

How do you choose a SID?

  • Choose a number between 4 to 8 digits
  •  Ensure the numbers are random and non-sequential to protect your IP address

For example: ticketing123-stc-us-SID-435765

Step 5: Proxy password

Insert the confidential NetNut proxy password

Setting up NetNut Proxies on Insomniac Browser

Step 1: Go to the Insomniac Browser homepage and click on Sign Up Today.

 Insomniac Browser homepage

Step 2: Choose your preferred plan from the pricing options as shown below.

preferred plan

Step 3: Click on My Account to Sign Up. Provide your details under Register if you are a new user. However, if you already have an account, you can simply Login with your email and password.


Step 4: On your account page, click on Downloads.


Step 5: Choose your preferred version and download it on your computer.

preferred version

Step 6: Install the Insomniac Browser and log in with your username and password, which takes you to the welcome page.

welcome page

Step 7: Go to the Proxy tab at the top right corner of the browser and click on Manage Proxy List.

Manage Proxy List

Step 8: On this page, you have two options- Add a Single Proxy or Add Bulk Proxy. 

Add Bulk Proxy

Step 8.1: Click on Add a Single Proxy and supply your NetNut proxy details including username, password, port, and port.

Add a Single Proxy

Select Add proxy at the bottom of the screen to save your configurations.

Step 8.2: Suppose you want to add proxies in bulk. Click on the option and select Export Proxy List to edit and upload the proxy CSV file to Insomniac. The Spreadsheet should contain the following:

  • Custom name
  • Host
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password

Export Proxy

Step 9: In the Proxy Per Tab extension, select your preferred rotation method. 

rotation method

Step 10: Finally, under the Proxy List, click the proxy you want to use and toggle on Enable. Click OK to save the settings and you are ready for an anonymous and security-focused browsing experience.


Insomniac browser is an industry leader in the provision of multi-sessions. The browser is constantly updated so that users can enjoy newer and faster tools to scale their businesses. In addition, setting up proxies for each tab is easy which ensures maximum privacy when shopping online.

This guide has provided a detailed instruction on how to integrate NetNut proxies with the Insomniac browser. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us; NetNut offers 24/7 support to customers.

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