How to configure proxy settings on Insomniac Browser

1. Open Insomniac Browser.

2. Click the ‘Proxy Per Tab’ icon and click on the ‘Manage Proxy List’ button.


3. In the ‘Manage Proxy List‘ window, click ‘Add a Single Proxy’. NetNut proxies rotate automatically after every request.

• In the ‘Host’ field – Enter

• Under ‘Port’ enter 5959.

• Insert your NetNut username and password.

Choose a country (see available countries) by entering the country code (cc).

For example:

United States: username-cc-us
Germany: username-cc-de
Spain: username-cc-es

**If you wish to automatically rotate between random countries, replace the country code in the username with ‘any


4. Click ‘Add Proxy‘.

How to Configure Proxy Settings on Insomniac Browser

7. Under “Proxy List”, click the proxy and select “Enable

8. Click “OK” to save your proxy settings.

How to Configure Proxy Settings on Insomniac Browser

9. Check the IP using Insomniac Browser

Done! You can now explore the web using NetNut proxies
directly from your Insomniac Browser.

Now you can open multiple tabs, each switching to a different IP.

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