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India proxy

We offer both static and rotating residential proxies, so you can choose the type that best meets your needs. And our India proxies are just a small part of our larger proxy network, which includes millions of IP addresses from around the world. 

Our India residential proxies have an average uptime of 99%, make them perfect for web scraping, SEO monitoring SERP tracking, price comparison, travel fare aggregation, social media account management etc., so if you are looking for fast, high stability India residential proxies, look no further than NetNut.

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Vast number of India residential proxies

NetNut is the perfect solution for companies that need to extract data from India-based websites or manage India-based accounts. Our vast network of India residential proxies provides fast, reliable access to online resources. And because our proxies are residential, they’re much less likely to be blocked than traditional datacenter proxies.  So whether you need to collect market research data or manage social media accounts, NetNut has you covered. Contact us today to sign up for a free trial.

Legit proxy hub

Netnut’s Residential Proxies are all genuine, legit and based on mutual agreements. We built this impressive pool in order to offer the best IP proxy in the market.

Resilient infrasructure

We have the best tech team to address any technical challenge in a timely manner. Day and night 24×7 you can consult out tech team and find the best solutions to obtain your goals.

Get the best India proxies for your needs

With a massive pool of India IPs, you’ll be able to speed up your data mining significantly.  Plus, our proxy is backed by our 24/7 support team, so you can always get help when you need it. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you scale your business with our India residential proxy.

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Fast India proxy services​

Our India proxies are backed by a 99% uptime guarantee so you can always rely on, plus, our proxies are totally anonymous. Nobody will be able to track your online activity when you’re using our India proxies. So if you’re looking for privacy and security, as well as speed and reliability, our India proxies are the perfect solution for you.

Residential Proxies in India

Rotating Residential Proxies in India

Access millions of India IPs and utilize a dynamic Rotating Residential Proxy Network, combining ISP and P2P proxy networks. This unique infrastructure eliminates any downtime, allows you to go around CAPTCHAs and other anti-bot activities, offering high scalability with maximum anonymity.

Static Residential (ISP) Proxies in India

Take advantage of the vast NetNut’s pool of active IP addresses assigned from ISPs in India! Using a proxy with static IP enables NetNut’s users to utilize the ISP proxy network and keep the same residential Idian IPs for as long as they need.