Proxies for ad verification

Ad verification for a smarter budget spend

In the digital era, ad fraud and malicious advertisers can easily tarnish a company’s image by adding malicious code to ads displayed on publisher’s websites. To solve this problem, organizations check publisher websites periodically to verify the affiliate links, validating ads’ placement, and ensuring malware migrations.
The problem is when reviewing a publisher’s website with a regular server-based company network.
Fraudsters know that their ads are under check. Thus, they resort to misleading organizations with inaccurate data or, or using tools to determine if a Datacenter IP is used for ad verification purposes.
This may result in malicious and misleading targeted ads, which can go completely unnoticed by the organization.
ad verification google netnut residential proxy
Ad Verification Facebook Netnut-Residential Proxy

Using residential IPs to overcome fraudsters

The solution to this problem is checking the advertiser landing pages anonymously using residential IPs. With a residential IP proxy network, you appear as an authentic web user of a particular country, city, and carrier. 
Residential IPs can collect accurate information and check if targeted ads are genuinely compliant with the set-out parameters.
Since your IP does not appear as a corporate or datacenter IP, it becomes much more difficult for fraudsters to feed you with misleading information, helping you as a vendor to stop ad fraud right on the spot and get better results for the ad verification process.

Get accurate ads data using NetNut

NetNut is the fastest residential proxy provider, offering real and active residential IPs
for all ad verification, fraudsters, and malware detection activities.

By utilizing a dynamic P2P network and delivering optimized IP pools, NetNut is the ultimate solution for collecting ads, placements and affiliates data at higher speed and at lower $/GB rates.

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