Proxies for brand protection

Intellectual brand protection

Your brand is what makes you unique. Companies and brands spend a massive amount of time and money creating a logo, idea, or product and an even more considerable amount of time creating a positive image.
Protecting the integrity of a brand and its copyrighted data is something that all organizations duly follow. However, there might be imposters and frauds who misinterpret, reproduce, or misuse a brand, potentially tarnishing the organization’s image.

Using residential IPs to overcome fraudsters

Fraudsters can track the IPs of users that access their websites. If they find a corporate or datacenter IP is accessing their content, they can serve you with the wrong data, delivering that your brand image is not ruined, when in fact, it is.
To deal with this issue, residential IPs prove to be helpful. Fraudsters are taking the utmost care to avoid detection. The best solution is to use residential IPs to appear as regular website visitors to view their websites’ actual data.
This way, organizations can quickly discover and take action against fraudsters profit off their brand name.

Get accurate brand data using NetNut

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