Proxies for Market Research

Competitive intelligence & market research

To keep your business pushing forward, you always need to be one step ahead of your competitors. You can do so by gathering and analyzing competitor’s data. These kinds of data from different competitor sources can help you develop your market research and improve your business strategy based on the findings.
Competitive intelligence and market research’s most significant challenges are obtaining accurate competitive data, handling the misleading one, or getting restricted from even accessing it.
Market Research

Collecting market data at scale

The best solution to any market research challenge is utilizing a residential proxy network. Residential proxies are hiding your IP address, enabling access to competitors’ websites, posing a common user and getting that precious data.
With country, state, and city-level targeting, you can go around any geo-restricted content by using million of residential IPs worldwide.
Easily integrate with any third-party tools and get you on the path to your organization’s success.

Access any web data using NetNut

NetNut is the fastest residential proxy provider, offering real and active residential IPs
for all market research and competitive intelligence activities.

By utilizing a dynamic P2P network containing millions of IPs worldwide and optimized IP pools, NetNut is the ultimate solution for collecting web data at higher speed and lower $/GB rates.

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