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Proxies for price comparison

Staying on top of the pricing game

eCommerce companies, retailers, travel agencies, and other pricing data service providers are aware of the importance of price comparison for their business. Companies have to price their products based on the competitor’s price to stay ahead of the competition.
The benefits of deploying data aggregation for price comparison are huge. However, most websites today keep track of their competitor’s IPs and serve them inaccurate and misleading data as a way of kicking them out of the game. 
Some websites will block all data center proxies or corporate IP addresses to avoid snooping their data.

Get alerts for changes on pricing data

A solution to this problem is simply to appear as a potential customer or a regular website user.
Residential proxies are the best solution to get there – utilizing real and active residential IP addresses, hiding your actual IP address, and allowing you to access any web page and appear anywhere around the globe. 
With country or city-level targeting, a residential proxy with the correct settings can be a blast for your price comparison needs.
Easily integrate with any third-party tools and get you on the path to your organization’s success.

Get pricing data using NetNut

NetNut is the fastest residential proxy provider, offering real and active residential IPs
for all data collection and price comparison activities.

By utilizing a dynamic P2P network and delivering optimized IP pools, NetNut is the ultimate solution for scraping, parsing, and collecting product pricing data at higher speed and at lower $/GB rates.

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