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What Are Threat Intelligence Proxies And How Do They Work?

Threat intelligence proxies serve as intermediaries between users and online threats, providing anonymity and security. They enable monitoring, data gathering, and protection against cyber threats.

Proactive Threat Detection

Detailed Threat Analysis

Preventive Security Measures

Rotating Residential Proxies for Threat Intelligence

Rotating residential proxies are indispensable for threat intelligence activities. They offer dynamic IP rotation, ensuring that threat actors cannot trace your online presence.

Dynamic IP Rotation: Rotating residential proxies change IP addresses frequently, making it challenging for threat actors to identify and target your network.

Global Visibility: Access online resources from various geographic locations to monitor threats worldwide and gather accurate threat data.

Anonymity Preserved: Stay incognito while tracking malicious activities, ensuring your identity remains hidden from potential attackers.

Continuous Monitoring: Rotating residential proxies enable continuous threat monitoring by preventing IP bans and disruptions in data collection.

Proxies for Threat Intelligence
Proxies in Cyber Security

Static Residential Proxies for Threat Intelligence

When it comes to threat intelligence, static residential proxies offer the stability and consistency needed to gather critical data while evading detection.

Steady IP Addresses: Static residential proxies provide unchanging IP addresses, reducing the risk of getting flagged during data collection, ensuring seamless threat monitoring.

Precise Data Collection: Use static residential proxies to collect threat data from specific geographic regions, enabling more accurate analysis and research.

Reliable Insights: Access threat intelligence sources consistently with static IPs, ensuring the reliability of the data used for decision-making and risk assessment.

Minimized Detection Risks: Static residential IPs are less likely to be detected and blocked, allowing you to monitor threats without interruptions or interference.

Why Use Proxies for Threat Intelligence?

Proxies are essential tools for threat intelligence with multiple key benefits. They provide enhanced security, enabling users to monitor threats without exposing their identity. Proxies ensure continuous monitoring, reliable data collection, and global threat visibility, empowering organizations to safeguard their digital assets effectively.

Security Enhancement

Continuous Monitoring

Global Threat Visibility

Anonymous Threat Tracking

Safeguard your identity while tracking malicious activities.

Data Integrity

Proxies ensure reliable data collection for informed decision-making.

Uninterrupted Monitoring

Stay ahead of threats with proxies that prevent disruptions.

Global Threat Assessment

Access online resources worldwide for comprehensive threat analysis.

Protection from IP Bans

Avoid being blocked by threat sources with proxy IP rotation.

Risk Mitigation

Proxies minimize detection risks, allowing for effective threat monitoring and assessment.

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Why Working with Our Proxies

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NetNut’s architecture is unique in its ability to provide rotating residential proxies with one-hop connectivity. The traffic is not routed through end users’ devices, so there is no bottleneck in the traffic flow.



All traffic is routed exclusively through the NetNut network; no third-party computers are utilized. As a result, there won’t be any disconnections or interruptions in the proxy network.

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NetNut guarantees the quality of its service, as all the servers are located on major internet routes or at ISP network connectivity points that are completely controlled by NetNut.

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Get the most from our proxy rotation service with the finest support from a dedicated account manager. Full integration support will be provided along with remote sessions if needed.

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Rotation Residental Proxies Pricing

Unlimited connections for all packages, prices subject to change based on use cases

Starter $15/GB

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20GB Plan



Advanced $12/GB

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50GB Plan



Production $8/GB

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Semi-Pro $6.5/GB

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Professional 5/GB

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500GB Plan



Master $1/TB

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1TB Plan



Starter $15/GB

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20GB Plan



Advanced $12/GB

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50GB Plan



Production $8/GB

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100GB Plan



Semi-Pro $6.5/GB

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50GB Plan