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Proxies for Scraping: Unparalleled Speed and Anonymity

Experience lightning-fast web scraping with NetNut's proxy solutions, featuring global coverage and elite anonymity for successful data extraction.
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Advanced Rotating Proxies: Enhance Your Scraping Projects

NetNut’s rotating proxies automatically rotate IPs with each request, allowing for seamless web scraping and data extraction without getting blocked.

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Zero IP Blocks: Zero CAPTCHAS

Unmatched Global Coverage

30M+ Residential IPs

Cost-Effective Premium Proxies

Lightning-Fast Data Collection

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Static Residential Proxies: Consistent and Reliable Scraping

NetNut’s static residential proxies provide stable and genuine IP addresses, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted web scraping with minimal interruptions.

Key Highlights

Effortless Integration

Easily incorporate NetNut proxies into your scraping software or custom scripts

ISP-Level IP Rotation

Access NetNut's extensive pool of over 30 million IP addresses

Unlimited Connections

Benefit from unlimited concurrent connections for scalable web scraping

Premium Support

Rely on NetNut's expert support team for assistance and guidance

Flexible Pricing Plans

Choose from a variety of pricing options to suit your specific needs

99.99% Uptime

Experience near-perfect reliability with NetNut's high-performance proxy infrastructure

NetNut: Exceptional Proxies for Scraping - Unbeatable Performance

NetNut’s industry-leading proxy solutions are designed to support your web scraping projects, ensuring seamless and efficient data collection. With a vast pool of residential proxies, rotating and static IPs, and exceptional performance, NetNut is the top choice for professional web scraping.

Happy Customers:
What They're Saying

Direct ISP Connectivity vs P2P Proxy Networks
GregVP Engineering
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"Just finished running another test - all around great performance. Low error rate and requests were much quicker than 60 seconds."
Dean FEngineer
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"You guys are very supportive, unlike other providers. Glad I have you as a vendor and you will be the preferred vendor for me from hereon."
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"In general, I am very happy with NetNut's coverage. The pools are a substantial size, the price is good, and the failure rates are low."
Leon BWeb Developer
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The proxies are easy to use, with a very fast set up and onboarding process. All test checked out, with very good speed and success rates. Great proxy solution that's worth a try.
Ryan NSEO Specialist
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Good proxies that suits best for my business. I can strongly say that you guys know how to deliver!
Adam GData Collection Company
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NetNut's proxies are great when working in big-scale marketing projects and web scraping. I'd recommend these services for anyone who works with web crawling or scraping tools.

Proxy Success Rates

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Our Proxies Have High Success Rates.

Ensuring That You Can Perform Your Online Tasks Without Any Interruptions.

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Rotating Residential Proxies:
97% Success Rate
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Static Residential Proxies:
96% Success Rate
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Mobile IP Requests:
100% Success Rate

Competitive Pricing

Cost-Effective IP Solutions for Businesses. High-Quality, Reliable, Fast Proxies with Millions of IPs Available.

Unbeatable Prices Compared to Competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about proxies for web scraping

Yes, NetNut’s proxies are designed to support web scraping for a wide range of websites, including popular e-commerce, social media, and news platforms.

Yes, NetNut proxies support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols, allowing you to scrape websites securely and efficiently.

NetNut’s proxies provide elite anonymity, meaning that your real IP address is completely hidden, and websites will only see the proxy IP address.

Yes, NetNut offers geo-targeting options, allowing you to target specific countries or regions to ensure accurate and localized web scraping.

NetNut offers dedicated support from an expert team to help you with any questions or issues related to using their proxies for web scraping.

Absolutely! NetNut’s proxies are designed for scalability, allowing you to run large-scale web scraping projects with ease.

Proxies for scraping offer several advantages that can significantly improve your web scraping projects. Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Anonymity: Proxies hide your real IP address, ensuring your web scraping activities remain anonymous and protecting your privacy.
  2. Bypassing restrictions: Proxies help bypass geo-restrictions, CAPTCHAs, and IP blocks imposed by websites, allowing you to access and scrape data without limitations.
  3. Load balancing: Using multiple proxies distributes the load of your scraping requests, preventing server overloads and reducing the risk of getting blocked.
  4. Improved speed: High-quality proxies offer faster response times, ensuring efficient data extraction.
  5. Reliability: A good proxy service provides a large pool of IP addresses and ensures high uptime, resulting in consistent and reliable web scraping.

Rotating proxies automatically change the IP address assigned to your scraping requests, which can significantly enhance your web scraping projects. By using a new IP address for each request, rotating proxies help avoid detection and bypass anti-scraping measures employed by websites. This leads to more efficient data extraction, reduced risk of getting blocked, and the ability to scrape data from websites with strict security measures.

Residential proxies are considered the best choice for web scraping projects. Residential proxies are IP addresses issued by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to real users, making them appear as legitimate connections. This increases the likelihood of bypassing anti-scraping measures, ensuring smooth and efficient data extraction. Both rotating and static residential proxies have their advantages, depending on your project’s specific requirements.

Yes, you can use proxies for scraping social media platforms. High-quality residential proxies, like those offered by NetNut, are particularly effective for this purpose. By using residential proxies, you can access and scrape data from social media websites without raising suspicion or getting blocked. It’s essential, however, to ensure you comply with the terms of service and privacy policies of the platforms you’re scraping.

To choose the right proxy provider for your web scraping projects, consider the following factors:

  1. Proxy types: Ensure the provider offers the type of proxies (residential, datacenter, rotating, static, etc.) that best suit your project’s needs.
  2. Pool size: A large pool of IP addresses ensures greater availability and reliability.
  3. Geographical coverage: The provider should offer a wide range of locations to support your geo-targeting requirements.
  4. Speed and uptime: Look for a provider that guarantees fast response times and high uptime.
  5. Support: Ensure the provider offers dedicated customer support to assist with any issues or queries.

To avoid getting blocked when using proxies for scraping, follow these best practices:

  1. Use residential proxies: Residential proxies are more likely to bypass anti-scraping measures due to their legitimacy as ISP-issued IP addresses.
  2. Employ rotating proxies: Rotating proxies change your IP address with each request, reducing the chances of detection.
  3. Implement rate limiting: Limit the number of requests made per minute to avoid overloading the target website.
  4. Randomize user agents: Vary the user agents sent with your requests to mimic real users and avoid detection.
  5. Be respectful: Comply with the website’s terms of service, privacy policies, and robots.txt file.
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