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Proxies for Web Scraping

Web scraping and web data extraction

In the personalized customer era, companies must provide customers with products they desire at competitive prices. To do this effectively, you need to play around with real customer data. This data is made available to you through web scraping and data extraction.
Web scraping and web data extraction involve collecting data from websites to fetch pricing info, scan public records, compare product data, maintain the competitive advantage, strengthen sales intelligence, and even scraping social media data.

All of this data can help you personalize and optimize the customer journey and help grow your business.

No more IP blocks and Geo-restricted content

The downside here is that nowadays, advanced websites implement the most strict blocking techniques, limiting web scraping and web data extraction. These blocking techniques can be IP-based or bot-based. The solution to this problem is accessing the internet as an ordinary customer.
To do so, you need a country or city-targeted residential IP with the proper settings. A residential IP makes you appear just like any other customer on the web, allowing you to collect the most accurate data effortlessly.

Gather any web data using NetNut

NetNut is the fastest residential proxy provider, offering real and active residential IPs
for all web scraping and web data extraction activities.

By utilizing a dynamic P2P network and delivering optimized IP pools, NetNut is the ultimate solution for scraping and collecting web data at higher speed and at lower $/GB rates.

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