Today, the value of data is accelerating at a high rate. Utilizing big data sounds like a complicated process that requires your effort, time, and money. But no worries, web scraping is available to simplify your business requirements. This method is used by small, mid-level, and large companies and organizations to extract and gather web data.

Web scraping for business development plays a huge role in the data industry. It allows access to data such as other competitors’ product information, future client’s contact information, and pricing information for comparisons.

Although web scraping is a process used for a long time, several businesses have yet to discover its benefits. Let’s explore what web scraping is all about and how it can benefit your business.

What is Web Scraping?

Web scraping is also known as web crawling, web data extraction, web harvesting, and screen scraping. It is a process of extracting large amounts of data from websites into a structured format.

A web browser alone can allow viewing the displayed data on a website. The gathered data is not available for professional or personal use. Therefore, the only option given to a user is to copy and paste the necessary data. It is an exhausting task which consumes a vast amount of time.

Web scraping tools aid in this matter by automating the process.
A web scraper loads multiple web pages and then fetches data according to the individual’s or organization’s requirement.
The collected information is organized into a structured format depending on the type of data extracted.

Web Scraping for Business Growth

The process of web scraping involves the following series of steps to be followed;

• First, the web scraping process is performed. The scraper goes through the base URL (seed URL) to fetch data. Then explores the next URL in the data extracted by the seed URL. The process repeats the same way.

• The scraped data from the seed URL is stored temporarily in the memory. Next, the hyperlinks existing in the data are passed into the pointer, and the system will extract the data.

• Next, the scraper’s job is to store the extracted pages while passing them back and forth in a single repository.

• Finally, the scraper has to identify the data points in the stored pages. Then fetch only the required data to benefit growing your business eventually.

7 Ways to Grow your Business with Web Scraping

There are different features to explore to boost up your business with web scraping. Combining these features altogether, you can benefit drastically while growing your business.

Listed below are some of the features to grow your business;

Competitive Monitoring

Competitive monitoring usually requires you to extract data from multiple web pages at the same time. To keep up the pace, you will have to perform digital visualization and web scraping regularly.
The intention behind these activities is to stay tuned to your competitors’ updates.

The following steps can be done;

1. Scraping product information from your competitor’s website. Give timely responses to new product launches, and discover new marketing strategies.

2. Scrape product and service ads and stay aware of their budgets.

Lead Generation

Leads are an essential factor for a business to persist. Web scraping is the perfect technique to obtain up to date information for lead generation. Using web scraping tools, you can access so much publicly available data relevant to your competitors’ social media accounts, forums, community portals, and other online platforms parameters can be collected.

With web scraping techniques, you can perform various tasks. You can acquire leads, perform sentiment analysis, build an email list for future engagement, and export the obtained data into a database. All these tasks can be achieved within a few minutes.

SEO Monitoring and Position Tracking

Search Engine Optimisation results allow you to discover the keywords, websites, and pages that appear on top. With web scraping, you can analyze the results and modify your practices to feature on the top of different search engine results pages (SERPs).

Price Intelligence

It’s necessary to be aware of the product prices that your competitors offer. Maintaining customers while raising the price is not an easy task. However, it is needed to reduce marginal costs and increase profits.

Web scraping aids in monitoring what your competitors offer in real-time while learning their pricing strategies.

Brand Monitoring

Knowing how the world perceives your business as a brand is essential. Maintaining your reputation is a tedious task when you have to stare at the screen the whole day.

The applications of web scraping solve this problem. So you have the chance to know what’s the word on the web about your business. Customer services, products, and other attributes of your business can be notable.

By understanding and analyzing all these extracted data, you have the chance to plan and direct the required modifications and changes.

Sentiment Analysis

It’s essential to know what your customers say about your products and services to grow your business. eCommerce portals and online forums share reviews and feedback of the consumers. Extracting this information helps in understanding your customer sentiments and know where your business stands.

Machine Learning

You can crawl required data, whether it’s images, data points, or files from the web, which can be used to train your bots.


With the rising competitiveness in the data era, obtaining reliable and accurate information is essential for every business’s growth.

Web scraping has the potential of boosting up your business to gain more consumers while accelerating your profits and sales. Hence, getting the full benefit of web scraping proxy services to expand your business using all the obtained data is a key objective to any growing business.

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The Business Value of Web-Based Data Extraction
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