If you work online and dream of reducing the amount of account bans, you are reading the right article. For several years now, advanced Internet users bypass all restrictions and have no worries about bans of accounts thanks to special programs — anti-detect browsers.

In this article we will tell you about the Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser, its useful features and demonstrate how to quickly create a browser account and add a NetNut proxy to it.

What Do Anti-Detect Browsers Do?

The thing is, when connecting to any website, your device exchanges data with the website’s server. Anti-detect browsers are special programs that spoof the real data of your connection and device. This helps protect your real data on the web and bypass the restrictions of different websites. For example, you can create as many accounts as you need on Facebook using just one device.

Dolphin{anty} can change your computer data (memory, operating system, Canvas, etc.), location information, IP address, etc.

To unleash the full potential of the anti-detect browser, you need to use a proxy.

How Can Dolphin{anty} Be Helpful

In addition to replacing your digital prints, Dolphin{anty} has many other useful features:

“Cookie robot”. A special feature that allows users to create and collect cookie data automatically. You just need to enter the websites and the robot will do all the work.

Teamwork. You and your teammates can work from the same account from different devices. Each member of the team can get a role, so you can set up access levels: Admin, Teamlead or User.

Mass import and export of accounts. If you already have a lot of accounts on different devices, or if you’re just planning to buy them from some accounts store, you can easily add them to the anti-detect. What’s more, you can automatically randomize the fingerprints of these accounts.

All the usual browser features. Despite all the complex tasks that the anti-detector can solve, you get all the basic features that ordinary browsers have: extensions, home pages, bookmarks, etc.

Filtering of accounts. You can search your accounts by profile type, statuses, tags, and proxies. With this set, you’re sure to find your accounts easily.

Automates basic tasks. Dolphin{anty} has an open API, so you can connect to it to automate your web activities: testing, visiting sites, etc.

Note that the functions vary from browser to browser: some have more of them, others less. Dolphin{anty} is one of the most functional and reliable browsers at the time this article was published.

Net Nut+dolphin, Are Essential Tool for Multi Account Management

To achieve best results, it is significant to choose the right proxy. Integrate NetNut proxy into Dolphin can help you with the best performance.

NetNut offers:

-The biggest amount of ISP static IPs

-Direct ISP connectivity provides faster speed and better stability

– Keep sessions as long as you need

– 99.9% uptime, 24/7 IP availability

– Fastest response time

– No dependency on end-user devices

Using both NetNut and anti detect browser such as Dolphin can greatly enhance your business results. Try us today!

How to Use Proxy and Anti Detect Browsers for Multi Account Management
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