Buying tickets online seems to be very straightforward: you just go to a ticketing website, find the event and make a purchase. However, purchasing many tickets takes much more effort. There’s no surprise that if you try to buy multiple tickets from Ticketmaster, StubHub, Vividseats, or SeatGeek, they will do their best to prevent you from that. The same goes for collecting information from those websites, such as pricing or the available amount of tickets. But are there any workarounds for their protection?

How can proxies support your ticketing activities? 

The key to success is to use more than one IP address. If you use your own IP address to perform multiple actions on ticketing platforms, you’ll easily get blocked.
Or even worse, you may be fed false information in order to mislead you. To avoid that, it’s highly recommended to use a proxy network.

Which proxies are best for ticket bots?

To succeed in your ticketing operations you need a strong and reliable protection of your identity while making a lot of requests in a short period of time. Not all kinds of proxies fit for this purpose. For example, you shouldn’t use free proxies for setting up bots to buy tickets, because the amount of requests you’ll have to make is too big and IPs provided by free proxies will be exposed and blocked very soon.

However, if you route your requests not through datacenters, but through real end-user devices or home IPs, it’ll be much harder to detect and block you. This is essentially what a residential proxy network does. Considering that this is the safest way to make multiple purchases from the same website, residential proxies are probably your best option for ticketing.

You also need to make sure that proxies are rotated per each request, otherwise the protective algorithms of ticketing platforms will notice the suspicious actions.

Which proxies to use for scraping tickets pricing?

In case you need to collect pricing information on ticketing platforms, for example on Ticketmaster or Vividseats, you should also approach it with caution. Again, using a single IP will get you blocked or misled, so we recommend that you use rotating residential proxy servers as well. This kind of proxies is known to be the best for any kind of web data collection, and ticketing is not an exception.

How to choose a proxy network for ticketing? 

Here are some things to look at when choosing a proxy provider:

  • Check if there are rotating residential proxies available;
  • Make sure it includes the target countries that are relevant for you;
  • See if the network provides customized solutions for ticketing and price comparison;
  • For a higher success rate, it is better to have a dedicated pool of proxies for ticketing

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Using Proxy Networks to Boost Your Ticketing Business
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