Are you tired of blocked access to websites? If yes, this guide is for you!

There are several reasons why you may be unable to access content. First, you may be limited by geo-restrictions, which are triggered because the website can interact with your computer’s IP address. Governments and organizations may also implement some website blocks to limit people’s freedom in accessing certain content. 

However, with unlimited residential proxies, you can experience true internet freedom and bypass various forms of limitations

Therefore, this guide will focus on unlimited residential proxies, how they work, why you need them and why NetNut proxies are the perfect solution for you.

What Are Unlimited Residential Proxies?

What Are Unlimited Residential Proxies?

Before diving into unlimited residential proxies, let us understand proxies. A proxy server is a middleman between your device and the website you want to visit. There are several free proxies. However, for some proxies, you need a subscription to connect to certain countries, while other countries are free.

Therefore, residential proxies work by replacing your device’s IP address so that the website cannot capture your actual information, such as location. Proxies often come with various locations you can pick from across the world. Unlimited residential proxies are one of the numerous types of available proxies. 

These unlimited residential proxies can help you bypass location restrictions so you can access region-specific content. These proxies offer a high degree of anonymity, which allows you to access websites, manage multiple social media accounts, and perform SEO tasks without exposing your personal information. 

IP addresses are allocated by the ISP- Internet Service Providers. Some IP addresses are connected to home addresses; hence, they are called residential IP addresses. Therefore, when you visit a website using the residential IP address, the website can identify your actual home address. Subsequently, many websites trust residential IP addresses due to the accuracy of the location. As a result, websites do not examine residential IP addresses as other types, which makes unlimited residential proxies an excellent solution.

Unlimited residential proxies describe a proxy server where you can use unlimited residential IP addresses. These IP addresses are provided by ISPs and are associated with actual physical locations.

These addresses available with unlimited residential proxies may come from a printer, router, computer or an Internet-enabled device like IoT (Internet of Things devices). Subsequently, they may be more expensive because they are associated with actual physical locations.

Why Should You Choose Unlimited Residential Proxies 

Choosing unlimited residential proxies still comes down to its association with actual buildings. Some websites have security measures to detect an IP address generated from a proxy server. However, you don’t have to worry when you use unlimited residential proxies. This is because residential IP is regulated, unlike data center IP, which often lacks proper regulations.

Furthermore, a person with technical expertise can set up a datacenter IP without much difficulty. This cannot be said for residential proxies because the IP comes from the ISP. Therefore, websites use this criterion to measure trust for IP addresses. Some website settings categorize IPs from residential proxies as good.

Benefits of Using Unlimited Residential Proxies

Using unlimited residential proxies has numerous benefits, including bypassing IP blocks. In addition, an unlimited residential proxy means users can access the internet without any limitations. Therefore, unlimited residential proxies are useful to users who want unrestricted internet service while protecting their privacy. 

Some of the benefits of unlimited residential proxies include:

Unlimited usage

Unlimited residential proxies allow unlimited use. Therefore, users can access the internet without any form of restrictions. This is particularly useful for those who need access to online data for a prolonged period. 

In addition, unlimited residential proxies allow users to upload and download files with unlimited bandwidth. As a result, when using unlimited residential proxies, you don’t have to worry about exceeding your data limit and extra coverage charges.

Furthermore, these proxies optimize browsing speed. Therefore, an unlimited residential proxy is ideal when streaming videos in HD or downloading large files.

Increased browsing speed

Unlimited residential proxies can compress online traffic and cache files. In addition, an unlimited residential proxy removes ads from any website you want to visit. These activities play a significant role in freeing up bandwidth, especially on busy networks. 

As a result, unlimited residential proxies provide increased internet speed. In simpler terms, an unlimited residential proxy allows users to enjoy a clutter-free browsing experience as well as an optimized experience free from blocks, timeouts, connection errors, and lags.

High-level anonymity

Unlimited residential proxies provide high-level anonymity by hiding your original IP address. When you attempt to visit a website while connected to unlimited residential proxies, the request is sent with the proxy’s IP address, which makes it difficult for the website to track your actual location. Subsequently, this is particularly beneficial for users who want to avoid any tracking activities and keep their internet activities private.

Since the website will only see the server’s IP address, it prevents them from understanding your browsing behavior and interrupting your browsing activities with targeted ads. In addition, unlimited residential proxies provide high privacy and anonymity by hiding your traffic when you visit sensitive websites. 


 Residential proxies are often connected to physical locations, which increases the legitimacy of the IP address. As a result, your browsing activity will seem natural, which reduces the risk of being detected as a proxy by websites. 

Many websites are wary of non-residential IP addresses. Therefore, these IPs are often quickly restricted or blocked. If you don’t want this to happen, then unlimited residential proxies are your solution. The legitimacy of unlimited residential proxies increases the chance of success for automated e-commerce activities, SEO tasks, and web scraping.

Enhanced security

The use of unlimited residential proxies ensures optimized security. Unlimited residential proxies add an extra layer of security because your IP address and location are secure. As a result, cybercriminals will not have access to information that can be used to threaten you. In addition, when you use unlimited residential proxies, websites cannot collect your personal information.

With the increase in cybercrimes across the world, using unlimited residential proxies becomes beneficial. Unlimited residential proxies often come with encryption features, so third parties cannot access your data.

Efficient for data scraping

Data has become a cornerstone for many operations, so the demand for data scraping is increasing. However, gathering data from websites often triggers restrictions put in place by the administrators. However, using unlimited residential proxies allows you to gather data from multiple sources without risking IP bans.

Bypass geographic restrictions

Unlimited residential proxies can help users bypass some geographic restrictions. These unlimited residential proxies are often hosted in numerous locations across the world. This means you can access websites that are blocked in your country. As a result, with unlimited residential proxies, your access to websites is no longer restricted.

Bypass IP blocks

Another benefit of using unlimited residential proxies is that users can easily bypass IP blocks. These blocks are restrictions which prevent them from accessing a website or service. A common type of block is when websites restrict user access from certain countries. However, with unlimited residential proxies, you can bypass such restrictions with an IP address from a suitable location.

Malware protection

Unlimited residential proxies can protect you from malware. They often come with features that can scan websites for malware. Therefore, if a website contains malware, unlimited residential proxies can block access. Subsequently, unlimited residential proxies provide additional coverage when browsing sites that may have harmful content. In addition, some unlimited residential proxies can scan downloaded files before they are saved on your device.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Unlimited Residential Proxies

There are various providers of unlimited residential proxies. Here are some factors to consider before you choose a provider:

IP pool rotation

IP pool rotation is the first factor to consider when choosing an unlimited residential proxy provider. To avoid an IP ban, automated activities like wen scraping require a rotating pool of residential proxies. Therefore, rotating residential proxies will rotate all requests from your device through a new IP address. 


Unlimited residential proxies may be more expensive than datacenter proxies because they work with actual IP addresses. Datacenter proxies utilize a combination of numbers rather than an actual IP address. Therefore, buying several datacenter proxies at a time will not break your bank account as opposed to residential proxies.

Subsequently, most residential proxy providers use bandwidth- or port-based pricing models. However, this is quite different for unlimited residential proxies. It is crucial to determine if the unlimited bandwidth comes with throttling features. 

In addition, you should consider providers that offer a free trial period or a money-back guarantee. Therefore, it is critical to consider the pricing options that are compatible with your budget. Watch out for unlimited residential proxy providers that provide flexible and starter plans that can cater to different browsing needs.

IP pool sizes

Another factor to consider when choosing a provider for unlimited residential proxies is the IP pool size. A wide IP pool size is necessary to provide coverage for many locations. Therefore, the locations you want to access may influence your choice of unlimited residential proxies providers. 

The IP pool size is critical as it has a significant impact on the history of IPs. For example, suppose you work with unlimited residential proxies with a small IP pool. In that case, there is a high chance of a bad history. Therefore, activities like web scraping and data mining may get blocked.

The benefit of a large IP pool is that it offers a wide selection of locations for various activities. Subsequently, numerous IP addresses mean you can send multiple requests with different new IPs, speeding up your automated web scraping activities. In addition, the IP pool size for unlimited residential proxies is crucial because it ensures reliability and accessibility to many IP addresses.


Before you settle for any unlimited residential proxies, it is best to consider their reputation. You can do this by checking through the customer reviews; this is a way to determine the reliability of a provider. Subsequently, reading what others have to say about the proxy provider can help you determine their reputation, ethics, and reliability.

In addition, these reviews provide an insight into their customer service. Working with a proxy provider that offers excellent customer support is critical. This is necessary to ensure you get the required help if you encounter any problems while using unlimited residential proxies.

Another way to identify a reputable proxy provider is their commitment to the ethical sourcing of residential proxy servers. Simply put, they ensure informed consent is obtained from the users whose IP address is a proxy. 

Applications of Unlimited Residential proxies

Unlimited residential proxies are often used for various purposes across several industries. They channel your network through a residential IP address, which makes it seem like it is coming from a real residence. You can access geo-restricted content, websites, or services using residential proxies.

Here are some applications of unlimited residential proxies:

Web scraping

Many organizations rely on unlimited residential proxies for web scraping. The task of web scraping involves sending multiple requests to the target website. However, many websites have rate-limiting measures, which block your IP address after you have sent the maximum number of requests from your device. Using unlimited residential proxies helps you easily bypass these restrictions associated with your IP address. 

Web data retrieval is important to both researchers and organizations. Industries like finance, healthcare, real estate and others rely on past data to make informed decisions.


Online gaming is another application of unlimited residential proxies. While unlimited residential proxies are not often associated with gaming, they serve a crucial purpose. Using proxies can enhance the performance of a gaming network. 

Unlimited residential proxies can significantly minimize game load times with static resources or dynamic content. In addition, unlimited residential proxies allow gamers to bypass geo-restrictions, which positively affects the gaming experience.

Market research

Another application of unlimited residential proxies is market research. Many organizations use unlimited residential proxies to collect data on market intelligence, track product availability, monitor competitors’ pricing, and brand reputation across various locations. Unlimited residential proxies ensure seamless data collection- data plays a critical role in the decision-making that affects an organization’s operations. 

Media streaming

Unlimited residential proxies are becoming increasingly relevant for media streaming. Popular media streaming platforms like Netflix and YouTube bring our favorite TV shows and movies to us. However, some movies are unavailable in some countries, which can be frustrating, especially when many viewers actively discuss it online. Whether you are traveling to a foreign country or need to access foreign media from your current location, unlimited residential proxies can unlock the door to personalized streaming services.

SEO monitoring

Search engine optimization is central to digital marketing efforts. Therefore, SEO experts may use unlimited residential proxies to monitor search engine rankings. In addition, organizations may need to bypass geographical restrictions to check how their websites appear on search engine result pages across various locations. Poor SEO rankings indicate that the website has poor visibility, and this could negatively affect the organic traffic required to generate leads.

Social media management

Social media managers use residential proxies to effectively manage multiple social media accounts. A critical aspect of building an online community is engagement, but doing this yourself can be challenging. 

You can leverage a forum posting bot to automate the process. However, the efficiency of the bot may depend on using unlimited residential proxies. This is because most platforms try to detect and block bot accounts as well as proxies. Using unlimited residential proxies presents a unique solution to bypass restrictions and IP bans because they offer trusted IP addresses. 

Price comparison

Sellers and buyers can leverage unlimited residential proxies for price comparison. Sellers can use proxies to monitor competitor prices across various regions. This allows them to adjust their pricing to give them a competitive advantage.

On the other hand, finding the best deals and lowest prices for products can be exhausting. Consumers may often miss a sale on a certain platform because they search for products on another platform. However, the combination of shopping bots and unlimited residential proxies allows you to find the best deals quickly. 

Content localization

Digital marketers and content creators may rely on unlimited residential proxies to monitor the performance of their content in various locations. This is also a form of data collection that they analyze and develop better strategies. In addition, content localization helps them tailor content that aligns with the audience.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security are among the most common applications of unlimited residential proxies. You can leverage these proxies to hide your digital footprints since your traffic is channeled via a different IP address. In addition, it protects you from third-party cookies that may try to steal your data.

In addition, security researchers and penetration testers can leverage unlimited residential proxies for security assessments with different IP addresses.

Ad verification

Brands can use unlimited residential proxies for ad verification. This is necessary to ascertain the accuracy of the ads as well as their visibility across several platforms and websites. In addition, brands can identify imitation ads and deal with them to protect the integrity of the company.

Risks Associated With Unlimited Residential Proxies

While there are numerous benefits of using unlimited residential proxies, it is necessary to understand the associated risks. An insight into these risks can help you when choosing a proxy server provider. They include

Impact on website performance

One risk to look out for when using unlimited residential proxies is the impact on website performance. The use of residential proxies can cause latency; this is the time it takes your computer system to process a request. 

Latency may occur due to the significant distance between the proxy server and the server you want to access. Subsequently, this can lead to slower loading times and reduced performance. In addition, sending a lot of requests through a residential proxy could cause other users on the network to experience reduced speed.

Data breach or leak

Data breach is a primary risk associated with the digital age. Most organizations store data, including sensitive details, on their computers. When hackers get access to a device on the network, they can steal private information like financial records.

In addition, there is a possibility of data interception when using unlimited residential proxies. This can happen due to incorrect proxy configuration or poor use of proxies, which gives hackers the opportunity to hijack data on the network. 

Security risks

One of the risks of using an unlimited residential proxy is vulnerability to malicious activities. Some people with malicious intent can leverage unlimited residential proxies to access login credentials and sensitive data. In addition, they can use residential proxies to start DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks. These attacks are problematic because finding them is like looking for a needle in a haystack- due to the use of numerous residential IP addresses. 

Best Practices for Using Unlimited Residential Proxies

Best Practices for Using Unlimited Residential Proxies

These risks discussed do not negate the numerous benefits of using an unlimited residential proxy. Here are some effective ways to manage them:

Proxy rotation

 One of the best practices for using an unlimited residential proxy is IP rotation. Rotating IP is critical to avoid triggering website security measures that could lead to blocks. Therefore, you can maintain the highest level of anonymity by using a different IP for each session.

Avoid risky behaviors

Another practice to keep in mind is avoiding risky behaviors that could cause websites to detect and block your activities. Avoid sending excessive requests so you can maintain a natural browsing pattern to avoid drawing attention.

We recommend introducing random delays in your requests to imitate human behaviors and make your activities seem natural. In addition, avoid using unlimited residential proxies for unethical or illegal activities like accessing sensitive data, content protected by copyright laws, and malicious websites.

Regular monitoring

Another mindful practice is monitoring your connection speed. Monitoring connection speed allows you to maximize the use of residential proxies. This allows you to understand how fast they are and helps you optimize their performance.

Follow website terms and conditions

Access to a website does not indicate that you can do whatever you want. Therefore, it becomes critical to read the terms and conditions properly when using unlimited residential proxies to access a website. Meanwhile, keeping your activities legal and ethical will keep you from any legal consequences. In addition, some websites have a robot.txt file, which may contain rules for web data extraction.

Clean your system

While this may seem unnecessary, it goes a long way in the speed of residential proxies. You can sort out your applications and files and delete those that are no longer useful to you. In addition, ensure your anti-virus and firewall systems are up-to-date and functional. 

Regular disk cleanup helps to rid your computer of unnecessary temporary files that could affect the speed of the residential proxy. Subsequently, when your computer system is running smoothly, residential proxies performance will be optimized.

Why Should You Choose NetNut Residential Proxies

In this dynamic era, using unlimited residential proxies is increasingly becoming a necessity. Many users require a service that ensures privacy, online security and access to geo-restricted content. This is where residential proxies come in. They facilitate an anonymous and optimized browsing experience. In addition, they offer an excellent solution for data collection challenges.

Therefore, choosing a reputable provider becomes critical. NetNut is a reliable proxy provider. We offer unlimited residential proxies that can be seamlessly integrated into any browser.

NetNut offers some of the fastest unlimited residential proxies in the market. We also boast of optimized anonymity with over 52 Million residential IPs in 200 countries. In addition, NetNut stands out because it combines ISP and P2P options for an optimized experience. 

Here are some notable features of NetNut residential proxies:

  • Geo-coverage: NetNut provides an impressive geo-coverage; you can enjoy city or state targeting. This allows you to enjoy a personalized and streamlined browsing experience.
  • Rotating proxies: NetNut’s core values revolve around protecting your identity. Therefore, to minimize the risk of compromise and enhance anonymity, every browsing session uses a different IP address.
  • Sticky IP: Using multiple IPs during a single session can trigger the website to your use of proxies. Subsequently, your session may suddenly be interrupted, and the IP on the website may be blocked. However, NetNut offers sticky IPs to ensure you use only one IP during a single session to avoid suspicions.
  • Dedicated private pools: Many proxy providers provide IP pools that are shared by multiple users. On the other hand, NetNut offers a private IP pool based on your preferred location to enjoy optimal browsing at the fastest speed.
  • Pricing: NetNut offers flexible pricing plans based on your needs. The monthly starter plan is billed $15/GBA. In addition, companies can enjoy a seven-day free trial period. 
  • API: Since NetNut is transparent with pricing, a simple API displays all your usage statistics for real-time retrieval.
  • Customer support: Our customers are very valuable to us. There are various channels of communication to ensure you always receive the help you need. You can chat with us via live chat on the website, WhatsApp, Skype, or the sales team.

Here are some of the benefits of using NetNut unlimited residential proxies:

  • It supports HTTPS, HTTP, and SOCK5
  • Enjoy unlimited concurrency for infinite scalability
  • It offers the uncompromised speed and stability that you need for large-scale data extraction activities
  • Uninterrupted data access
  • Easily bypass CAPTCHA and anti-bot measures to minimize IP blocks
  • Eliminate geo-restrictions for unlimited access to any websites
  • Excellent proxy management with the best plans for the growth of your business


This guide has examined unlimited residential proxies, how they work, benefits, risks, best practices, and choosing a reliable provider. As the digital world rapidly evolves, internet users constantly seek solutions that provide anonymity, online privacy, and data security. Residential proxies come with IPs associated with a physical location, so websites often trust them.

Some of the advantages of using unlimited residential proxies are they provide a high level of anonymity, bypass geo-restrictions, and minimize the chances of IP blocks. Residential proxies have numerous applications, including web scraping, SEO monitoring, price comparison, and more.

NetNut has a proven record of speed, reliability, and scalability. We offer personalized proxy solutions for individuals and organizations who need the highest quality proxy service.

Kindly contact us if you have any questions regarding the best proxy solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the similarity between residential proxies and datacenter proxies?

One of the similarities between residential proxies and datacenter proxies is that their primary function is to hide your IP address. In addition, they act as an intermediary between your device and the internet to receive and relay requests from the computer to the target website without compromising your identity.

What are the differences between residential proxies and datacenter proxies?

While residential and datacenter proxies have similar functions, they have some differences. Here are some key differences:

Datacenter proxies:

  • It is more affordable
  • More suitable for processing high volumes of data at high speed
  • They are not affected by network congestion, hence more reliable

Residential proxies:

  • It involves real IP addresses assigned by ISPs to real residential users
  • They are harder to identify and block, hence more secure
  • Ideal solution when privacy and anonymity are a priority
  • Usually more expensive because of sourcing costs

Is Residential Proxies the same as Residential VPNs

No, residential proxies are not the same as residential VPNs. Proxies and VPNs have different uses. 

Since they both have “residential” attached, there is bound to be some confusion. A residential proxy is an IP address associated with a physical location. Residential proxies can access blocked websites by masking your location and identity. In addition, residential proxies are excellent for activities that require a high level of anonymity such as web scraping and data mining.

On the other hand, residential VPNs work by encrypting your internet traffic and channeling it via a remote server. Therefore, they allow users to access the internet securely and anonymously.

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