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⏰ Hurry Up: Limited Time Offer
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Discover Our Range of Proxy Solutions for Seamless Online Browsing and Outstanding Protection for Your Business.

Rotating Residential Proxies

● 52M+ Auto-Rotating Proxies
● Unlimited Sessions
● Zero IP Blocks, Smooth Web Browsing

Static Residential Proxies

● 1M+ Undetectable Static IPs
● 24/7 Availability
● Forever Website Sessions

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● 250K+ Mobile IPs From Top Carriers
● Full Online Anonymity & Security
● Bypass Geo Restrictions

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● Blazing-Fast US Proxies
● 99.99% Uptime
● High Scalability for Optimal Performance

Zero IP Blocks: Zero CAPTCHAS
Unmatched Global Coverage
52M+ Auto Rotating IPs
Cost-Effective Premium Proxies
Lightning-Fast Data Collection

NetNut's Proxies: Benefits

Revolutionize Your Data Collection.

Use NetNut’s Hybrid Network of Direct ISP IPs and Dynamic Residential Proxies.

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How Companies Use Our Proxies

Collect Data With Ease & Efficiency For Various Industries.
Stay Ahead Of The Competition, And Gain Valuable Insights Using Our Network.

Worldwide Proxies

Our global proxy technology and network are managed by DiViNetworks and offer hundreds of servers located in different ISPs worldwide.

Competitive Pricing

Cost-Effective IP Solutions for Businesses. High-Quality, Reliable, Fast Proxies with Millions of IPs Available.

Unbeatable Prices Compared to Competitors.

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Our Proxies Have High Success Rates.

Ensuring That You Can Perform Your Online Tasks Without Any Interruptions.

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Rotating Residential Proxies:
99% Success Rate
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Static Residential Proxies:
99% Success Rate
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Mobile IP Requests:
100% Success Rate

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Discover Answers to Your Burning Questions with Our FAQ Section.

NetNut offers a 7-day free trial. Click here to access our proxies dashboard to request a trial account. To activate your trial, contact our sales team after registering.

At NetNut, we provide a highly secure and scalable private residential proxies network using DiViNetworks’ global proxy technology.

Unlike other providers that rely on peer-to-peer networks, our unique service stands out. With over 100 ISPs and hundreds of servers, our unparalleled availability and a failure rate of less than 1% guarantee your access to any web source with confidence.

NetNut offers a real residential-proxies network IP rotation management layer that ensures each request you make goes to the most available IP address in the requested location.

With our rotating proxy, you can have an unlimited number of concurrent sessions and experience an extremely high success rate. To optimize your NetNut experience, we recommend initiating multiple concurrent sessions.

With NetNut and the right architecture, you can achieve unmatched performance compared to any other residential proxies network solution.

We offer flexible monthly pricing plans to suit your changing bandwidth needs. Upgrade or downgrade at any time without commitment.



The bandwidth volume for which we bill is the sum of data transmitted to and from the target site: request headers + request data + response headers + response data.

We allow you to use our service, provided you are using it for legal and legitimate uses and in compliance with our license agreement. It is up to you to make sure that the way you use the service complies with the laws applicable in your country.

Prior to purchasing a plan, we offer a 7-day trial so you can fully maximize the potential of our proxy network (and making sure we’re a good fit 😉). Although we do not offer a refund, we are willing to consider a refund request according to the plan usage.


We have an automated billing system that supports payments that were carried out through PayPal or credit card.


NetNut’s packages come with a minimum commitment per month, the higher the monthly commitment the lower the price per GB. For example, the Basic plan for residential IPs is a monthly commitment of $300/month and a $15 price per GB above package (20GB). You can find all our plans at our pricing page.

We offer plans based either on Bandwidth or Successful Requests.

NetNut offers a variety of proxy networks, with different characteristics for each network.

Our Datacenter Network: Provides a cost-effective solution to save on Per GB costs by optimizing usage while targeting websites with basic security features. We currently offer over 110K Data Center IPs in the US with fast response times and 99.9% network uptime.

Our Fast Residential Proxies Network: Contains more than 10M IPs worldwide and growing by the day. Our P2P residential IPs originate directly from end-user devices and provide the utmost IP credibility to carry complex web-crawling projects.

Our Static Residential Network: NetNut’s original network, containing millions of Static IPs.  and based on hundreds of ISP partnerships in over 50 countries. This network enjoys the benefits of Residential IP proxy credibility alongside the ability to hold the IP for as long as you need it.

NetNut’s residential proxies network leverages DiViNetworks’ global proxy technology and smart IP rotation management layer to ensure high success rates. Each request is sent to the most available IP address in the requested location, leading to better performance and reliability.

Common uses include sneaker copping, SEO, unlimited bandwidth scraping, rotating proxies, and residential IP VPNs.
Residential Proxies: 52M+ Fastest IP Proxy Network | NetNut

World-Class Residential Proxies: NetNut’s 52M+ fast IPs, no geo-restrictions or IP blocks. Access data globally seamlessly. Free trial available!

Product Brand: NetNut

Editor's Rating:
      1. SEO Monitoring & SERPs Tracking: Utilize premium resi proxies for sale to monitor search engine rankings and track your website’s performance in search results.
      2. Ad Verification: Use residential proxys for sale, including cheap residential proxies, to verify ads and detect fraud in advertising campaigns.
      3. Price Comparison: Employ proxies to compare prices across various websites and platforms, ensuring competitive pricing strategies.
      4. VPN: Secure your online presence with sticky proxies, providing encrypted connections and masking your IP address.
      5. Market Research: Benefit from the residential proxy network for gathering valuable market insights and competitor analysis.
      6. Data Extraction: People buy proxies to scrape anonymously and extract data from various sources.
      7. Social Media Management: Leverage proxies to manage multiple accounts, automate tasks, and track performance metrics on platforms like Instagram and Twitter.
      8. Email Protection: Use an IP rotation service to protect your email accounts from spam and phishing attacks.
      9. Travel Aggregation: Access and compare travel data using paid proxies for efficient data collection and aggregation.
      10. Brand Protection: Monitor your brand’s online presence and safeguard it against counterfeit products and unauthorized sellers with residential IP services.
      11. Resellers: Expand your business opportunities by offering a diverse range of proxy services to clients, ensuring they have access to premium proxies for various applications.
      12. Alternative Data: Leverage proxies to gather unconventional data sources for improved business decision-making and investment strategies.
      13. Threat Intelligence: Enhance your organization’s cybersecurity by using proxies to collect threat intelligence and identify potential vulnerabilities in your network.
      14. Website Change Monitoring: Keep track of website changes and updates by utilizing proxies, ensuring you stay informed about the latest developments in your industry.
      15. Food Delivery Data: Optimize your food delivery business by employing proxies to gather data on competitors, delivery routes, and customer preferences.
      16. Brand Protection: Safeguard your brand reputation by monitoring unauthorized usage of your intellectual property and identifying counterfeit products using proxies.
      17. Anti-Phishing: Protect your customers and employees from phishing attacks by employing proxies to identify and block malicious websites.
      18. Reviews Monitoring: Monitor customer reviews and feedback across various platforms using proxies, enabling you to quickly address concerns and improve your products or services.
      19. Cybersecurity: Strengthen your organization’s cybersecurity defenses by employing proxies to detect and prevent malicious activities, such as DDoS attacks and data breaches.

      These use cases, along with others such as alternative data, threat intelligence, website change monitoring, food delivery data, anti-phishing, reviews monitoring, and cybersecurity, demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of using proxies.


Yes, NetNut’s proxies can be used to access any web source, making them ideal for data mining, web crawling, ad verification, and more. Our network has over 200 ISPs and hundreds of servers managed by DiViNetworks, offering unparalleled availability and security.

Get a 7-day free trial of our Residential Proxies Network before subscribing to one of our plans. Our Rotating and Static Residential IP networks go through a quick and automatic compliance procedure to ensure proper use. We don’t use your data for marketing and store it securely. The free trial is for certified companies only. Freelancers can purchase a micro plan after completing the compliance process.


A residential proxy is a type of proxy server that uses IP addresses provided by internet service providers (ISPs) and allocated to residential users. The residential proxies meaning refers to their ability to offer higher anonymity and lower chances of being blocked or detected compared to data center proxies. Dedicated residential proxies are assigned to a single user, ensuring exclusive use and better performance for various online tasks, including data extraction, ad verification, and web scraping.

Static residential proxies combine the advantages of both residential and data center proxies. They are part of a residential proxy network, allowing users to maintain a single, stable IP address for an extended period, unlike regular residential proxies that change IP addresses frequently. These proxies provide a residential IP service, ensuring high anonymity and lower chances of being blocked by websites. By using static residential proxies, you can access geo-restricted content, perform efficient data extraction, and maintain a reliable connection while conducting online activities.


Web data extraction made limitless.
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