Websites use tracking techniques like cookies and browser fingerprinting to collect and store user activity data to optimize their browsing experience. However, this can cause several problems for users, including IP blocking.

Anti-detect browsers like GoLogin allow users to manage their online identity by altering their digital fingerprints. GoLogin is also applicable for commercial purposes, including managing multiple social media and accessing restricted content.

In this digital era, access to data is crucial for individuals, academics, and businesses. This guide will examine everything you need to know about GoLogin anti-detect browser, including its features, limitations, advantages, applications, and how to integrate it with proxy servers.

What is GoLogin Anti-detect browser

GoLogin is a Chrome-based anti-detect browser that launched in 2019. It allows users to hide and control their digital fingerprint by spoofing all parameters accessible by the website. Masking these settings ensures you can imitate a real internet identity to bypass anti-fraud systems. 

This software allows you to create multiple profiles, each with its digital fingerprint. The profiles do not overlap, which ensures the website tracking measures are not triggered to avoid IP block.

In addition, GoLogin is often described as the less expensive alternative to the MultiLogin anti-detect browser. Subsequently, it is an excellent tool with great features but at a more affordable cost. 

Features of GoLogin

GoLogin anti-detect browser provides different features that offer different levels of control to optimize your activities. Here are some of the features that make it stand out:

Advanced fingerprint management

GoLogin allows you to customize every parameter that makes up your browser’s digital fingerprint. This includes time zone, pixel ratio, fonts, color depth, resolution, platform, and many other options. You can customize over 50 characteristics with this anti-detect browser.

Team activities

GoLogin is an excellent option if you have a team. Team members can share browser profiles, delegate tasks, share proxies, and much more. For example, you can access profiles and assign different permissions to each member, including only viewing, editing, or managing profiles.

In addition, it allows sharing a profile created on a device with others. Therefore, this anti-detect browser provides a convenient ecosystem that fosters teamwork. More so, you can transfer your profile to another account, but this revokes your right to manage it. For example, if you transfer a profile to a team member, they have sole managerial rights. Subsequently, you would have to request permission before viewing the profiles.

Separated profiles

Another amazing feature of GoLogin is isolated profiles- it separates them. Each profile is stored separately in the cloud with algorithms that avoid a mix-up. This feature also aims to protect your data and promote web anonymity.

Free proxies

Another unique feature of GoLogin is that it offers free proxies. However, these proxies are best suited for browsing and not account management. The proxies have IP addresses from 5 locations- the UK, the US, Germany, India, and Canada.

Therefore, you may need to purchase a proxy from a reputable proxy server provider for account creation and management. This anti-detect browser supports SOCKS5, SOCKS4, and HTTP protocols

Default profile setting

You can create a template with default settings with GoLogin anti-detect browser. This feature is very useful when creating bulk profiles but with the same settings. 

The default profile setting allows users to customize the language and operating system and minimize or maximize screen resolution. Subsequently, when you create a new profile, it customizes it with the predefined settings.

However, you may need to implement some changes manually including changing the time zone or user agent or add proxies to the profiles. 

Management of bulk accounts

Another feature is the management of several profiles simultaneously. This feature allows you to choose one or multiple profiles for various activities, including cloning, adding to folders, deleting, or sharing with others. 

Furthermore, this feature ensures you can easily change the browser fingerprint for each profile. For example, you can create 20 profiles with the same configuration and assign a different fingerprint to them. This can be done within a few minutes, which shows that GoLogin is a tool that can help you manage time effectively.

Mobile browser profile

GoLogin anti-detect browser has a feature that allows users to launch a profile using a mobile browser. You can do this by selecting Android as the operating system in your profile configuration. Therefore, websites will believe you are visiting them from a mobile device.

The Mobile Browser Profile provides an additional layer of security. Most browsers are not triggered by mobile device requests as much as a personal computer. Subsequently, your IP address is less likely to be blocked if the website reads the request as coming from a mobile device. Therefore, you may consider this feature if you need extra safety.

API integration

GoLogin provides an API that integrates with headless libraries like Puppeteer and Selenium and other programs to automate your activities. It can be programmed to create, manage, and customize profiles. Another activity that can be automated is posting, liking, and following on multiple social media accounts.

Local application and Cloud web version

GoLogin is available in two versions- a local application and a cloud web version. The local application automatically opens Orbita as your browser. On the other hand, the cloud web version launches a browser on GoLogin’s server.

The app and the cloud are synchronized, so it does not matter which you use. Subsequently, when you create a profile or update the settings on one version, it reflects on the other. 

If you are working with a large team, it means several individuals are using the anti-detect browser from multiple computers. Therefore, the safest way to control it is through a virtual machine, which GoLogin provides by default. Subsequently, the virtual machine allows you to use your profile across multiple devices.

Furthermore, local applications are somewhat faster than the cloud web version. Therefore, you may consider performing resource-intensive activities, including running multiple social media accounts at the same time on the local application.


GoLogin controls a customized browser- Orbita, which we mentioned briefly above. Orbita is a Chromium-based browser with an interface that is similar to Chrome. However, you can identify some differences, including the profile name located by the address bar.

Orbita runs on warp core technology, allowing users to run profiles with various versions corresponding to their browser engine. In other words, Orbita has the unique function of keeping your virtual browser updated.

Customer support

GoLogin has excellent customer support. You can contact them through live chat on the website, email, Telegram, Messenger, and Phone. Therefore, users are certain to receive prompt and efficient responses via any channel. 

The live chat is available any hour of the day, and an expert typically responds within 30 minutes.


Another excellent feature of the GoLogin anti-detect browser is documentation. It has a hub that covers different aspects of its functionality and use. The documentation is divided into various sections, including teamwork, profile management, and settings. 

The documentation is in the form of articles and videos on the YouTube Channel. You can navigate to the blog page on the website to get information on fingerprint methods, importing or exporting cookies, and more.

Forever free plan

The Forever Free plan is a feature that makes GoLogin stand out among other high-performance anti-detect browsers. This plan allows users to create a maximum of three profiles, and it comes with other features excluding sharing and team members.

This anti-detect browser operates on a subscription-based pricing that automatically renews unless you cancel it. You can select the yearly plan to save about 50%.

Since its inception about 4 years ago, it has always provided high quality at reduced prices. Therefore, individuals, small or big businesses can find a suitable plan that costs less for optimal performance.

In addition, you can enjoy a free 7-day trial period on any of the subscription plans to determine if it is a good fit for you.

User interface

GoLogin stands out for its user-friendly interface, even compared to other premium platforms. The dashboard is minimalist, so you are not immediately overwhelmed with the functions. Instead, you can find the functionalities in different sections.

The software has 4 tabs on the navigation page, which include creating a new profile, viewing all profiles, creating folders, and importing profiles from a CSV file.

On the web version of GoLogin, there is a tab to download the app. The developers took extra time to ensure a top-notch user experience. Users can look up the last launch ABS update, creation date, the operating system a profile runs on, and information regarding proxy servers. In addition, you can manually update and customize any of the settings from the dashboard. 

Furthermore, you can create tags and make useful notes especially when you are working with others.

Application of GoLogin anti-detect browser

GoLogin undoubtedly has vast features that will be useful for your online activities. Some of its applications include:


E-commerce as a use case for GoLogin is a no-brainer. This anti-detect browser works with multiple online marketplaces, making it an excellent dropshipping solution. 

You can use GoLogin to create multiple merchant accounts on a platform. This helps you bypass limitations while optimizing sales.

Digital marketing 

Digital marketing is a critical method that allows brands to reach out to a larger audience. You can use GoLogin to create multiple accounts on various social media platforms. Users can leverage the automation features of GoLogin, including scheduling posts, follows, comments, and more, to optimize their digital presence. 

Development and testing 

Developers can leverage this anti-detect browser to test how their programs or apps behave. It gives them valuable insights as they see it from a user’s perspective. 

In addition, developers can use GoLogin to test web filters and traffic because it comes with numerous software and hardware settings. 

Web scraping 

You can optimize your web scraping activities by leveraging this anti-detect browser. Multiple browser profiles with different fingerprints can play a significant role in preventing IP blocks. The browser will be unable to link your web scraping activities if the request is coming from different profiles created with GoLogin anti-detect browser.

What is the best proxy server to use: NetNut Proxies

GoLogin’s anti-detect browser comes with a free proxy but only covers basic browsing. Therefore, you must integrate it with proxies from a reputable server provider like NetNut.

NetNut is a global proxy provider that offers proxies to cater to your specific needs. These proxies serve as intermediaries between your device and the website. 

Proxies help optimize anonymity and allow you to manage multiple accounts easily. They also play a significant role in hiding your device location. However, you can’t simply choose any proxy for the sake of it, especially the free ones, because they come with risks. 

NetNut has an extensive network of over 52 million rotating residential proxies in 200 countries and over 250,000 mobile IP’s in over 100 countries, which helps them provide exceptional data collection services.

Integrating NetNut with Gologin gives you access to IP’s with unlimited bandwidth for complex processes requiring high anonymity, data security, and privacy. Subsequently, you will always have access to the best IP addresses for your activities.


This guide has examined the GoLogin anti-detect browser and its features that make it stand out. This software spoofs all the parameters a website can see to hide your digital fingerprint. 

It allows users to create and manage multiple profiles for online activities, including social media management, digital marketing, app development & testing, web scraping, and more.

This anti-detect browser stands out for its intuitive and user-friendly interface. It supports teamwork by allowing users to share profiles and proxies and delegate tasks while maintaining privacy and security.

The best way to optimize your GoLogin anti-detect browser is to use NetNut proxies that ensure. Kindly reach out to us to experience top-notch proxy service or if you have any questions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I integrate a proxy with GoLogin 

Follow the steps below to integrate a proxy server with GoLogin:

  • The first step is to get your proxy IP, Username, port, and password from your proxy provider.
  • On GoLogin’s navigation main page, select “Add Profile.” 
  • Fill out all the required fields. Select “Check Proxy” to confirm the validity of the proxy connection.

What are alternatives to the GoLogin antidetect browser?

While there are various anti-detect browsers, here are some that offer quality services: 

  • MultiLogin
  • X-Browser
  • Incogniton
  • AdsPower
  • Octo-Browser

What are the cons of GoLogin?

  • It only supports Chrome extensions 
  • GoLogin may be slower than its counterparts 
  • Limited browser compatibility
A Complete Guide to GoLogin Anti-Detect Browser- NetNut
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